Bubba a.k.a. My Buddy Jack

9 Jan

I wasn’t one of those kids that had a revolving door house of pets. In my childhood I had one dog and one cat. My cat was even given to my grandmother.

When my parents decided that my leaving for college would leave a canyon like void in their life and they needed a new distraction (this is what I am sure they were going through with my pending departure South to college) they got a dog. Black Jack Ducker.

Jack Glamour Shot

So when my dad called to tell me that Jack would be going under the knife I became rightly quite upset, mostly just worried that my buddy would be alright and partly because I realized that he won’t always be there to follow me around the house and bark at me to pet him when all I am really trying to do is carry on a conversation with my parents or browse the Sunday ads in their newspaper.

Here he is reading the paper:

Smart Dog

Turns out two of my favorite things have collided – Jack has the same knee injury that took down my beloved Oregon Duck Dennis Dixon this football season. Crazy coincidence right? Dennis tore his left ACL, Jack tore his right ACL. *Editors Note: It was Jack’s vet who told my Dad it was the same injury – Go Ducks.

Did I think Jack would live forever? No. Have I thought about what life would be like with out Mister Man (yes, my mom calls him that)? No and better yet I don’t want to.

His surgery is on the 21st – I’m hoping Martin Luther King Jr. will throw out some good vibes, after all it’s MLK’s holiday and the street does kind of play a big role in my current life. Keep him in your thoughts, he’s kind of a big deal.



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