The Rules

10 Jan

What are the rules for having a blog? Can I literally post anything here? Could I post an image of Starry Night and say, oh that little thing, that’s just something I painted up last weekend? Will someone call me out on that or shut this blogging machine down?

Can I write with curse words or do I have to use * in the place of vowels? Can I make cultural generalizations? Is that okay? When is that actually not okay for me to do? I just assumed that was my rite as a halfie.

I’m just curious because sometimes I get in a mood and the better judgement filter is pawned off like a stolen necklace being used for drug money. What happens when I see some crazy socially unacceptable clothing infraction whilst writing a post for this aforementioned blog? I can’t be held responsible for ranting about bad attire selections.

I’m just saying.

Speaking of crazy bad attire infractions – here are some on my top list of UNACCEPTABLE occurances:

**Editors Note: If I see you committing these crimes please believe I will be judging you and you never know, it might just end up here in blog land.

1. At some point black clothing becomes very faded – grey some might say – and these articles of black clothing should be thrown away. Just a good rule of thumb. If you think something black of yours has faded a great deal place it next to another black piece of clothing. Then throw it OUT. It’s faded. Deal.

2. Socks and sandals. Really, do I need to say anything else. If you think this is acceptable well, we need to have a serious talk. Like “the talk” – oh, and I will want my stuff back, just a heads up.

3. White athletic socks and dress shoes. Really…REALLY?!?! If you own and wear dress shoes you should have the common sense to own dress socks. Did your parents teach you nothing? If you missed that life lesson the shoe salesman at the Nord. should of at least tried to multi-sale you on the socks.

4. NEON. (Except in the recent case of my VB wearing a neon yellow dress – she’s VB people, she can wear whatever outlandish attire she finds – she’s got the DB and really, what else can one need). It’s just ugly, it flatters no one’s skin tone. If you do wear it it should be part of a costume – on Halloween – if not, well people are just going to think you are slow and don’t know what month it is.


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