11 Jan

Today is a 50/50 – you know those days that contain both good things and bad things. 50/50’s are like bittersweet chocolate – smooth, sweet and tasty yet bitter and unexpected. (This is a total generalization, I don’t think I have ever had bittersweet chocolate but that’s what I imagine it would be like).

The Bad:

1. Procrastinators. Don’t get me wrong, I procrastinated like it was my job in college – isn’t that standard? But I’ve never been a person who procrastinates my portion of a group project, I’d feel guilty. I think deep down I am a self-guilter but that is neither here nor there. ANYWAY, procrastination + tight deadline + spacey-ness. That doesn’t vibe with me.

2. Last minute cancellations. If there is an event on my calendar that has been set and I’ve accepted to join and planned my day accordingly all I want is to have some, hell any cancellation notice. It really annoys me to head into say a “meeting” only to find out at 5 after the hour that “oh yeah, that was cancelled…did no one tell you?” Obviously no one told me, if they had do you really think I would be sitting here waiting for an imaginary “meeting” to take place.

*All “quoted” comments are hypothetical….hypothetically speaking…

The Good:

1. I saw a nun at the paper store. Yes, a live nun. Many of you know of my nun affinity. I used to work by the nunnery and whenever traveling in Europe I make a point to capture them on candid photo so I can show my fellow nun watchers. She was even in her dark blue nun street clothes (?) – I don’t know if that is accurate but she wasn’t in the full black/white habit so I assume it was street clothes. The cashier referred to her as Sister – good times. Although she was paying with a credit card. Here’s my questions:

a) Who’s the credit reference on that card?
b) What kind of interest rates on credit cards do nuns get? Is it better than the common person?
c) Is “Sister” part of her legal name? I.E. is it on her signature line?

2. Blondie sent me a word document agenda for our happy hour date. It even includes roll call – for the two of us. I just need to figure out if parlimentry procedure is neccessary when consuming martini’s. Anyone have a ruling on that one?

*Editor’s Note: I’ve made the executive blog master decision to use code names in lieu of real names. I think it’s going to make this bad boy more lively.

TGIF friends. TGIF.


4 Responses to “50/50”

  1. Blondie January 15, 2008 at 3:03 pm #

    First and foremost… You’ve had bittersweet chocolate. It’s pretty much the standard tollhouse chip used in chocolate chip cookies… and I’m sure I’ve used it in many a recipe you’ve tried of mine. There is nothing unexpected about it… it’s glorious chocolate.

    While you were ‘nunning it up’ I thought back to a previous post and hope I don’t ruin day by asking… was this nun’s ‘street attire’ in fact a faded black no-no? Just asking.

    Finally, when consuming martinis/wine/etc. I feel an agenda is totally neccessary. Who knows what impotant matters would be overlooked by an early evening buzz if not for the agenda. In the future I will reconsider the roll call… though expect it to be replaced by a gavel to adjorn our meetings.

  2. J January 15, 2008 at 11:25 pm #

    Make sure you let Blondie know if she needs a gavel, I actually have one.

    I had a brief stint in student government in college.

    I know. Didn’t see that coming did you.

  3. JDub January 16, 2008 at 9:42 am #

    Okay fine, so I’ve had bittersweet chocolate – but only when combined with other sugars so I think my review of what it WOULD be like alone is still relevant.

    The nuns attire was sky blue with a navy hat and shawl/cape thing. I’ve seen this look before in Europe so I think this is straight up issued nun street attire.

    I’ve got gavels from college…yeah, you heard me.

  4. Blondie January 16, 2008 at 4:26 pm #

    I’m happy to see you’re responding to your blog comments… but how about writing an actual BLOG. It’s been 5 days but feels like eternity… *meow*

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