Cheers to BD’s

26 Jan

I have some great friends – seriously, my friends are better than yours. (Note: I think the only people who read my blog are my friends so I’m not talking directly to you – more to the world in general). So take that. I am really lucky to have aforementioned great friends and while they cover a wide array of groupings they match me perfectly and make life that much more interesting.

For instance, I have my bestie – yeah I think that is a term 14 year old girls use but I like it better than BFF today. Anywho, Blondie has been my friend since 7th grade and at this point I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine what would ever come in between our friendship. She’s the perfect blend of fun, wacky, crazy times and serious understanding with logical advice. I love my RFL.  Through her I’ve met some great girls – the BD’s. 

One of these fabulous BD’s who I’ve become good friends with is The Hot Wife (she’s not actually married – it’s more of a term from Borat that has carried over) and it just happened to be her birthday celebration last night. Lately I’ve been in the midst of a fuzzy period which was only compounded by the Inopportune Reappearance situation so what could be better after a really stressful work week than throwing back some drinks and dancing – uh, answer – nothing.

Blondie, My Life Crush (Note: she is a lady and basically we have crushes on one another because we are awesome 🙂 she’s also by far one of my favorite new comer friends) and I had some Tic-Tacs (the kamikazi of 2008) and before you could say Go Blazers we were doing the robot, flinging our hair around and dancing like total dorks. Normally I would read that statement and judge myself for being such a weirdo but you have to understand it’s different when there is a VIP area of cute ladies acting like dorks – plus, really – I don’t care about what other people think.

Last night was a great deal of fun, even though I drank vodka (no mistakes were made) and took a picture with Yao Ming (yeah, you read that correctly) I had a fantastic time. I may or may not have been in a rare mood that included telling a gentleman who was bundled in a peacoat and scarf (in the middle of the bar where girls are wearing nothing more than a yard of clothing) that he could relax, the winter weather wouldn’t get to him since he was indoors.

I also shared a little bit of insight with another gentleman bar patron, we don’t really need to get to know one another, this isn’t the place where I am going to meet my future husband. FACT (I hope).

I’ve digressed a little but the basic premise is this, I love that I have a wide array of friends. I appreciate what each of my friends has to offer me and I’m thankful for them – and nights that leave me smiling the next morning (and not hung over – BONUS)!  


2 Responses to “Cheers to BD’s”

  1. Mego January 28, 2008 at 12:55 am #

    At least you didn’t yell at someone that you could do without their LOUD shirt!

  2. JDub January 28, 2008 at 9:00 am #

    I’ve learned a valuable lesson from that experience – always check to see if the windows are down before yelling at pedestrians.

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