Month 1, 2008

30 Jan

Let’s just state the obvious. Lately I have been in a funk. My blog posts as of late have been a little sad panda and well frankly I’ve been a sad panda. Asian joke intended. With that having been said we are to the end of the first month of 2008 and I’m feeling a little reflective so I thought a re-cap is in order. (It’s a slow blog topic week people – it happens – if you don’t like it send me some topics!)

As of today I’m meeting all my 2008 Goals: drinking at least 32oz. of H20 a day, working out 3-4 days a week (not including weekly yoga and flag football) and I’ve completed 1.5 books so far.

I like my job -I can only say this with 100% certainty because I’m coming off a crazy pro-bono client situation. Let me just say this, I like non-profits. I’ve worked for some. But here’s the deal with pro-bono work, because there is no budget clients tend to like to make changes, LOTS of changes, or edits or revisions or “let’s just try a mock-up with XYZ” – since they don’t live in reality where they are shelling out $300/hour for design time and management they just don’t care…which is really annoying when you are trying to meet deadlines that they say are set in stone no matter how many rounds of edits they demand. I would be fine if the client was a charity (when I say fine I mean not as annoyed/mad) you know, like if they were doing good in the world, researching ways to cure diseases and help puppies I would be more understanding. But not when they are rolling in money and working on making the latest and greatest gadgets outside my income bracket. I digress but let’s just say this, I’m excited to no longer spend 8+ hours a day on this one project.

Where were we…ah, reflecting on Month 1, 2008. I’ve made time to see my parents and BJD pretty much once a week which is great. I do get a little overwhelmed when I go over to the parent’s house because they both want to talk about this that and the other with me and because they both tell me stories I have already heard but you know, I’m their one and only (besides BJD) and they love the time we spend together and I do to. Plus it’s great that other people recognize that my dad is Mike Holmgren’s long lost twin. I’m not joking – my dad was called out on this by a State Trooper while duck hunting. Fantastic.

I’m making sure to take time to see my friends, be open to their advice and rely on them to listen to me word vomit what it’s going on in my personal life. I will be the first to admit I can be a little stand-offish when it comes to talking about my feelings and letting people in when I am sad or frustrated but I’m getting better so that’s something.

Things have been good this month and that makes me a happy camper. You totally thought I was going to say panda didn’t you?!?


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