Linus and Pig Pen

4 Feb

Over the last week I have morphed into a combination of two Peanuts characters: Linus and Pig Pen. I’ve usually been pegged as more of Lucy – dark hair, sassy attitude…but not this last week.

Here’s Linus:


Here’s Pig Pen:

Pig Pen

Last Thursday I was out playing flag football, having fun, being a defensive force to be reckoned with when this jerk drops his shoulder on me and barrels basically straight through me. Reminder: This is FLAG football, a non-contact, for FUN adult league. I’m a short girl, 5′ 3″ and for a DUDE to come down drop his shoulder under my jaw and plow me to the ground there is nothing accidental about what he was up to. The referee commented that it was the worst and most intentional bowl over he has seen. Needless to say my jaw was basically hyper snapped back and then when my head hit the turf it bounced back up before taking it’s final resting place with the rest of me on the cold, wet, ground. I was not a happy camper.

Thursday night, I didn’t sleep well. At all. Also, I was very concerned about having sustained internal injuries and I “perhaps” whinned a great deal. Very Linus like.Friday rollled around and after a crazy hectic day at work all I wanted to do was run some errands, relax and clean my dirty apartment. No such luck. After leaving work later than I previously planned I had to rush around, get downtown and push those cleaning ideas to the way side. It was worth it because I had fun out and about where my various social circles collided. Although due to the intense pain in my neck and jaw I once again did not sleep well.

Saturday was the big birthday bonanza for The Sox Fan. After another night of “restless” sleep I was awoken at 8am with concerns from The Sox Fan regarding the weather. He lives on Candy Mountain and is always constantly concerned about the weather so since it was snowing at his place he wanted to know what was happening downtown. It was raining…and now I was wide awake. Awesome. I frantically ran errands and prepared for the 2pm start time of the Pub Crawl and basically it felt like I was scurrying around in the orb of dust that Pig Pen lives in.

The Sox Fan’s birthday pub crawl was a hit! High Five to me! A great lunch group, some St. Cupcakes, shuffleboard, my ass kicking dart skills on display, J+C’s…LOTS of J+C’s, laughing as The Sox Fan made $1 bets with his buddies, a cease to all laughter when The Sox Fan could not speak…not like he was speachless but the man could not verbally say my name…it was time to call it a night. Great party and great times were had by all.

Sunday was a day of laying low, wearing sweat pants and living in a fuzzy Pig Pen like cloud of slothness. It was awesome.

Which brings to me to today, in which case I now feel like a fuzzy cloud straight out of a cartoon is following me around. I dropped a large round kiosk sign directly on to my foot while trying to load it into my car. Ouch. I was frantically pricing out multiple jobs at once this morning all while making sure I had time to act like a big Linus like baby to The Sox Fan about my Chinese food craving.

Good bye Lucy, hello Linus Pen.


4 Responses to “Linus and Pig Pen”

  1. Blondie February 5, 2008 at 9:54 am #

    First and foremost, I just wrote a very funny message, only for it to be erased because I didn’t enter an email. Not sure how well I’ll recapture the funny… but I’ll give it a try…

    Welcome to the world of Pig Pen. Don’t knock it till you try it lady. It can be overwhelming at times but then think of this… at least you’re not spending you precious time cleaning. Booyah!

    Also, please let me know if you need my assistance with a flag football beatdown. I may be blonde but I’m as fiesty as a redhead. In fact, maybe 27 Dresses and I should tag team? Between the ‘oh know you didn’t’/’shake it off girlfriends’ and my quick kicks to the shin, we just may make this a-hole retire from the flag football arena.

    Anywho – let me know 🙂

  2. mego February 6, 2008 at 11:47 am #

  3. JDub February 6, 2008 at 12:13 pm #

    Oddly enough Mego, your impression of Chris Rock in this skit was right on…maybe you should take your act on the road.

  4. The Sox Fan February 6, 2008 at 9:44 pm #

    First and foremost,

    I’m glad you didn’t die as a result of the injury you sustained. As previously stated, I would have felt really guilty had you died of a concussion when I told you, “you’re fine.”


    Thanks for hosting a wonderful pub crawl, and sorry I couldn’t say your name whilst at Solo. I said it in my head if that counts.

    just a sidebar,

    Blondie and Coyote Ugly (aka 27 Dresses) couldn’t take that dude who knocked you over. As we all know he has no remorse in taking out girls. And neither of those two are very ninja like.

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