Uber Tuesday

5 Feb

Today is not only Super Tuesday for all those of you that follow American politics but also Fat Tuesday for all of those of you that follow boozy holidays. Suddenly, my worlds collide. While there was some discussion of The Plastics going big for Mardi Gras plans change – but no worries friends Mego and I will be grabbing some dinner and watching as the polls come rolling in.

I’m not the most politically active person but I do take an interest, I would say I am a moderate when it comes to the scale of political involvement. I do try and avoid political debates – they get stressful and really can (and do) ruin friendships, relationships, etc. So while I have my views I don’t feel the need to push them on others and I do not appreciate when others try and push their agendas back on me.

I am however a firm believer that if you don’t take any action, well you have no room to complain. If you don’t like the way the government is run, then vote. If you want to see things change, be proactive. I understand it can be hard navigating the seas of politics and thankfully the internet can offer you some helpful tools to guide your way. *Also, credit for the following website should be shared with The Sox Fan.


This handy website tool let’s you assign points to causes that you care about and then you are asked to determine along a spectrum where your feelings like about various issues facing American voters. Simple, easy, short and painless…much like some of my other favorite internet quizes (i.e. Which Muppet Are You? – I am so totally Fozzie Bear – Boo Yah).

Within minutes this site tells you which politicians platform you are most compatible with and then allows you to learn more about the candidate, where you are similar and where perhaps you are different. No debates to watch, no crappy newsprint voters manuals to read, simple education from the internet.

So if anything be sure to vote and if you don’t want to use your vote to write in a candidate – perhaps me – then make sure to use your vote wisely and back a candidate that matches your beliefs.

With that being said I’m off to grab a drink, get some food, maybe wear some beads and celebrate Uber Tuesday!


One Response to “Uber Tuesday”

  1. The Sox Fan February 6, 2008 at 9:45 pm #

    Boo Yah.

    Credit to me and no one else.

    Suck on that losers.

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