Word Vomit.

6 Feb

My good friend 27 Dresses lacks “the filter”. *Note: 27 Dresses WILL get married someday, I know this, she knows this, hell most people who know her KNOW she will get married but when I started this blog some nicknames for my friends came easier than others. Also, for the record, Blondie and Level 3 came up with the nickname, so please take up any issues up with them. Ahthank you. šŸ™‚

Okay, so 27 Dresses lacks the filter, basically this means that while most people think through what they are about to verbalize…she doesn’t. She just says it. Sometimes it’s things like “For Reals?!” and other times it’s things like “No worries girl, shake it off!”. Either way I adore the girl. She is one of my best friends and we have been room mates on a number of occasions. I love that she lacks the filter and while I may not have the same issue I have noted, especially lately, that when I get nervous I just talk…just talk.

For instance, before The Sox Fan and I started dating we were just good buddies. Good buddies who didn’t really talk about the fact that we both liked each other. Once I realized that I did really like the guy my friends were really pushing for me to tell him that. I think they just wanted me to stop talking about him and what I might or might not feel, what would be the pros, the cons, I think they just really wanted me to talk to someone else (i.e. him) about everything. So we are sitting at dinner and I’m nervous because I’m freaking out about trying to talk about my feelings (ugh) and I just start talking…at the end of the conversation I have now told The Sox Fan about how I used to really like the movie The Craft in junior high and how a friend of mine and I went to buy a book on wican spells…it just was an over share. An awkward over share.

I can’t help it. I get nervous and I just start talking to fill the void. I recently also shared my theory on how by living alone I have the fear that something bad could happen to me and no one would know for days. Like I could be attacked in my apartment and four days later a neighbor would report an odd smell to the manager of my building. Maybe it’s all those episodes of Law and Order I watch but I think it’s totally possible and I’m very paranoid about it.

I also partially blame living alone for these new found quirks in my personality. Sure I’ve always been paranoid but the increasing amount of panic the idea of no one noticing if something happened to me and the fact that I just seem to now word vomit to people makes me think maybe it’s time to get a dog…or a room mate.

See, I already feel like I’ve shared too much. Yikes.


3 Responses to “Word Vomit.”

  1. Blondie February 7, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    Level 3 – another fantastic blog alter ego šŸ™‚

    Love the synopsis of your sox fan ramblings to your friends. You may have knocked the nail on the head. Much like 27 Dresses’ lack of filter, you have an uncanning ability to analyze like its your job, something we all adore you for.

    I’m not sure if this post was reflective or a recent happening so… i’ll call you later.

    Also, I came to this blog to see if/when/why/for how long you would be in Seattle. Moving forward I would appreciate a Camen San Diego reference for when you leave the greater Portland-Metro area. If you’re worried about a Law & Order scenario via blog stalker, you can use alter ego city names… like ‘Land of Technology’ or ‘Visiting my cousin Ichiro’.

  2. The Sox Fan February 7, 2008 at 11:10 am #

    I can’t help but agree with Blondie. I used to play Carmen San Diego as a kid on the computer (It’s why I dominate in geography) and I’m thinking it’s time to bring it back.

    The first clue is the hardest, then they get easier as we get closer to the place you actually are! I mean, that’s how the game went.

    oh and ps…. “Visiting my cousin Ichiro,” reminded me why I like Blondie so much, and could be line of the year. (I know it’s early.)

  3. 27 Dresses February 19, 2008 at 1:45 pm #

    My life is complete.

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