Visiting My Cousin Ichiro

8 Feb

In my former career life I used to travel a great deal. It’s fun to travel for free to places you might want to visit (i.e. Rome) and it’s good to know first hand places you will not want to re-visit (i.e. Taipei). People thought I was crazy when I would say I was tired of traveling, that I wanted to travel less or frankly that I was done with the whole traveling bit. I had a great time seeing the world but at the end of the day I like sleeping in my own bed, being around my own belongings and knowing that my rent check is being used wisely.

Yesterday I traveled up north to the founding land of Nordstrom and home of the Mariners and Seahawks…I heart the Nordstrom and well, I like the fact that there are professional sports teams located there so when my teams come to town I can see them (Go Red Sox!) – sidebar: I learned that the people of Seattle don’t necessarily respond positively to my logic. Whatever Old Man River, be upset about it.

Anywho, I ventured north for an event that I had worked on and while the event was “interesting” the experience of the travel (up and down I-5 with three lady co-workers) was great. Things started off just fine, lots of chit chatting and small talk in the car and we arrived and checked into our hotel with time to freshen up and change before the event. I was able to finally meet the people I had been working so closely with over the past couple months. It was really satisfying to also know my sense of judgment and character observations were on point. A contact for this event who I believed to be a bit of a whack job totally turned out to be a crazy person and when things were going wrong during the show (i.e. she was to cue the video, slides, etc. and failed she just YELLED out – as if the speaker in a 1,000 person dinner event could hear her). Very satisfying if I do say so myself.

Post event we ventured to a nearby small bar and celebrated the completion of this event. You have to understand this event stressed me out, it strained my patience and it was the constant source of a great deal of whining (sorry about that to The Sox Fan – I whined A LOT). Let’s just say our evening adventure involved Old Man River becoming quite intrigued with my drink of choice (J&C), a few rounds of complimentary beverages and the smallest bar bill I’ve ever seen for four ladies. Like Ever.

I had a great time and the ride home was hysterical. My visit to my cousin Ichiro also reminded me of how small PDX is, of how tiny my current life issues are in the grand scheme of things, of how I really do enjoy the time I spend up north and how jealous I am of their shopping options.

I think another visit to the Emerald City may be in my future, and next time…it might need to be for a longer amount of time…


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