DVR Dearest

18 Feb

Growing up my parents really limited my TV viewing time. And when I say limited I mean I watched very little and my programs were usually either on OBP (Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo, etc.) or on the Disney Channel (Fraggle Rock, Mickey Mouse Club, Kids Incorporated, etc.). I wasn’t allowed to watch The Simpsons and really when it came to mainstream networks the only programs I caught were on TGIF – Family Matters, Step by Step, Perfect Strangers and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. I didn’t have a limited number of TV hours I was restricted to per week and my parent’s didn’t have to be in the room but I just didn’t really watch TV as a kid. Instead I had this huge basement playroom for all my toys and I was pretty into reading (Geek Alert).

So when I ventured into my 20’s and was living on my own who would have predicted that I would become addicted to TV? Certainly not I. See as I aged from that kid who watched Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers I was pretty busy, I had school activities and friends and then BAM I was in college. Granted Freshman year Blondie did love her some TV so I watched a bit more and learned that yes, it was in fact important that she plan her class schedule around TLC programming – at least I always knew when she would be home. Anywho, even in college I lived in mass housing situations and with the exception of The Bachelor girls nights and pre-funking with The OC before going to the bars I once again really wasn’t in to TV.

When I was out on my own post-college I was introduced to the DVR. Genius! You mean I can just record programs and watch them at my leisure…I don’t have to be home at 9pm for Grey’s?!? Fantastic. The DVR was a total gateway into hard core TV viewing. I started seeing random ads for programs (on the rare occasion in which I was fast forwarding through those pesky commercials – double genius!) and then I would set the DVR to record. I was totally addicted and even now thinking about it I don’t know what I would do without my DVR.

This would be the time when some anti-TV wack job would tell me that TV is ruling my life and making me a lemming. Well no sir, that is not the case. This blog in fact is my rebutal to such statements. I believe the DVR is actually helping to keep me from being some spinster woman with 6 cats and outfits that only contain cotton and either a drawstring or elastic waist. My DVR enables me to lead my life and actually I think forces me out. See when some dude wants to go get drinks after work on Monday I don’t have to decline because Girlicious is on. (Although I would contemplate declining if the dude was a creeper due to my shows being on – but I’m trying to be better about that whole blowing dude’s off or not returning their calls because I guess that was “lame” or “uncool”…whatever.) I can say yes because I know that thanks to my trusty DVR I can access my Girlicious whenever my tender little heart desires.

Thanks to my DVR I can work my hectic work schedule, go to the gym whenever time allows, grab those weekly drinks with The Plastics, and be in two places at once – Project Runway and The Gauntlet 3. Yes, the DVR has led to me watching some shows that maybe otherwise I wouldn’t but I think of it more as another opportunity for me to conduct social research…yes…that sounds much more intelligent than I just like wearing sweatpants and laying on the couch during a lazy Sunday.

So here’s to you DVR. You make my hectic life that much easier and I appreciate that!


2 Responses to “DVR Dearest”

  1. Blondie February 19, 2008 at 10:41 am #

    1. Kids Incorporated was awesome… thank you for reminding me of that!

    2. Did you know Paige Davis (real name Mindy… random) is BACK on Trading Spaces?

    3. Girlicious is crazy dramz man

    4. Tim Gunn needs his show back

    5. DVR is a life saver!

    6. No mention of Rock of Love? Shame on you!

  2. JDub February 19, 2008 at 1:20 pm #

    2a. How do you know what Paige Davis’ real name is?

    3a. Girlicious has some feisty ladies…someone has to be getting into a hair pulling fight soon.

    6a. An entire blog could be dedicated to Rock of Love…I’m waiting for further developments this season.

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