WW 2008

25 Feb

Whirlwind Weekend 2008 – I love me some alliteration and I also love me some acronyms. The last few days have been one crazy time mostly due to the quick jaunt to Las Vegas and I’m happy to report I came back without having gotten married or arrested. Which basically makes life easier because if I would have had to bail out on work due to an annulment or bail hearing neither of those are easy to explain.

Here’s a quick highlight reel…from what I remember:

Friday: After packing a suitcase (yes, I checked baggage – this is pretty much unheard of if you are familiar with the amount of travel I have done in the last few years and my traumatizing lost baggage situations which lead me to have very little trust in flying the friendly skies – but that is neither here nor there because if you check luggage you can bring more shoes – genius!) in 15 minutes I wasn’t fully sure of what all I would have once I arrived but I knew I would have options. Plus, really, I’m a girl – I need options…lots of options. The Sox Fan and I were quite eco-friendly and utilized public transport to get to the airport. Along the way we judged people – and not quietly I admit but really, when you are screeching into your cell phone via poor grammar what did you really think was going to happen?

I digress…but we made it to the airport, came into contact with our new favorite ID checker at security (he was a halfie – he quickly called me out on my halfie status and accented every statement with “that’s great” or “excellent” in a strange but amusing tone), we also came into contact with our least favorite bag screener (stupid Yankee fan) and after a short detour for magazine purchasing (The Economist and US Weekly for me, ESPN, GQ and Entertainment Weekly for The Sox Fan) we were on our way. Seriously though, how awesome are we? Even our magazine choices are awesome.

After arriving in Sin City we all checked into the hotel and were ready for afternoon drinks. This would have been a good time for us to eat as well since we had yet to do that but I’m a simple girl and I know where my priorities lie. Post drinks we gawked at lions and started our adventure to find the much anticipated beer pong bar. The legend is true friends, with a college ID for pitchers and $0.50 you too can be immersed into beer pong on your favorite sports teams rivalry table. We started on an Ohio State v. Who Really Cares table and after much stalking successfully vacated posers off the Red Sox v. Yankees table – Boo yah.

Multiple (and unsuccessful for The Sox Fan and I’s team) rounds of beer pong later it was determined that we were wasted and that The Married Couple was kicking our ass. Damn.  Next it was time for the Bellagio water show – glorious – and even though we tried pretending like we had just robbed a casino and were dirty rich it wasn’t the same without Brad Pitt or George Clooney. We wandered further down the strip, took a slight pause at fake Trevi Fountain along with some other giant sculptures and arrived at the much anticipated pirate ship…from here it gets a bit fuzzy but I consider Friday night a non-bust.

Saturday: What says hang over remedy better than a buffet? Answer: Not much. So we were on our way to a highly touted buffet at Paris. After launching ourselves into food coma we attempted to not fall asleep in public by drinking as many frozen beverages as possible without going into diabetic shock and shopping. Glorious. We also made time to watch some sports and judge people – standard fare.

Our one structured event for the weekend was a nice group dinner and check us out because we not only scored a creepy magician’s alleged table but also two fine wait staff members, the ever helpful and courteous James and the easily confused but sweet Judy (she couldn’t help the fact that margarita, mojito and machiato all sounds alike). After a great meal of Asian fusion it was time to get our game faces on – which with as little sleep and as many adult beverages as we had consumed was harder than one might think.

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression about me but hot damn I think I was meant to be a go-go dancer. At our nightclub destination it was solidified that after having last partied in Vegas 3.5 years ago my feelings about go-go dancing have not changed. Ladies, think about this, you have short work hours, you get to dance without creepers all up on you and you can judge people and their drunken antics. Sweet gig if you ask me.

Highlights of Saturday night include: LOTS of robot dancing, magical Chocolate Cake shots, discovering pineapple juice chasers to Patron (where was this useful knowledge Friday?), West African lady dancing, a fantastic and crush worthy bartender, closing down a Vegas night club (“Babe, the lights are on – we are leaving right now – I mean we have to leave – we don’t do lights on at the bar”), and “That’s what she said”/”That’s what Julie said”/”That’s what I said”.

Sunday: 45 minutes of sleep. 4-5 minutos friends. Things I do not like in life: not getting enough sleep. We all made it to the airport and on the plane – one wouldn’t think that was a huge deal but when some in your party are still uber wasted and others are barely awake it’s an accomplishment. Upon arriving home my exciting day consisted of a shower, a nap, lazy sweatpant Oscars watching – get some Diablo Cody, a phone call confirmation that the shenanigans I thought occurred officially did and more sleeping.

Today I’m still trying to get my body re-hydrated, my suitcase cleaned out, my pictures sorted through and my internal operating system on normal non-party pants hours. It’s going to take some time but I think we’re on the right track.

Viva Las Vegas – see you soon old friend…


5 Responses to “WW 2008”

  1. Blondie February 26, 2008 at 3:14 pm #

    I love the vegas. I hope you were able to score some chocolate milk at the buffet! Oooh memories…

  2. JDub February 26, 2008 at 3:29 pm #

    Since I was hungover while waiting in line I tried to locate chocolate milk but to no avail…so I settled for delicious strawberry gelato and then when inside aforementioned buffett I immediately ordered chocolate milk.

  3. The Sox Fan February 26, 2008 at 7:08 pm #

    1.) I’m concerned with our ass whupping we received via the Married Couple.
    2.)Buffets do cure hangovers. They also induce a coma.
    3.) The last shot on Saturday night was glorious.

    what was in it again….???

  4. JDub February 26, 2008 at 7:40 pm #

    1a.) I think it’s time we ordered a prototype of the beer pong table and get practicing…but then again those damn Married People have a keg…the key to success.
    2a.) It’s a blessing in disguise that buffets do not allow patrons to have whole roasted chickens…that would have been the end of your Saturday.
    3a.) You would think with having asked me every five minutes the ingredients to that shot it would be engrained into your frontal lobe – equal parts Absolut Citron and Frangelico, sugared rim and sugared lemon. The sugar alone would have sufficed for you mister.

  5. beer pong table March 23, 2008 at 11:07 pm #

    I had no clue what the beer pong game was all about , until i played it myself. It was really fun and no wonder extra beer helps you a lot 🙂 . This is not so much popular game as compare to other conventional games like chess etc. But people are rapidly becoming addict of it . Nice blog my friend and i really want few more interesting blogs on beer pong .

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