26 Feb

Today I was asked just what my blog was “about”. I answered with “Whatever I want it to be” because really I’m not going to pretend there is a purpose to my madness, I write about my life, my friends, my dog, my vacations, my general observations and opinions…because basically my blog is an outlet for my little voice to be heard. So just for the record my blog is about – well me and my life adventures.

Speaking of life adventures – I think now would be a good time for the start of a segment I like to call “these are the strange things that seem to only happen to me and while it may seem far-fetched this is indeed my life”. For some reason people say the strangest things to me – like just weird stuff.

Example 1: I went grocery shopping after work. It was a long day and while it goes against one of my personal beliefs (the belief being that you should never go grocery shopping while hungry because you leave with all sorts of strange crap you don’t need but for 15 minutes while you wander the aisles you feel like you have to have it) I trekked over to a local mega-huge grocery market. While perusing the produce a strange yet harmless average looking woman in her mid-30’s strolls up next to me and just turns and stares at me. She says nothing, I think maybe it’s just going to be for a few seconds until she realizes she doesn’t know me, feels embarrassed for her bold move and walks away. No such luck.

She just stands there – about a foot away (invading my personal bubble) and so I finally turn to her, smile and say “Hello”. She replies with “Hi, I know this might be forward and strange to ask a stranger but can you tell me where you get your hair colored at?” – news flash lady: I don’t get it colored. I respond to her with “Oh, actually I don’t color my hair, this is my natural color.” I wanted to also tack on – lady, this is weird and not only forward and strange but rude – you can’t just approach strangers and assume they have hair colors not found in nature. (I’m a dark brunette – a color palate totally found in nature for the record).

Rudy hair inquirer then says “That can’t be your natural color – it’s too multi-dimensional.” I inform her “Oh *awkward laugh* actually it is, I haven’t colored my hair for about 3 years now so it’s all me.” Rude hair inquirer then says “Well that seems so strange because it really is like layered browns – it’s fantastic though. See ya.” to which she then grabs her organic carrots and goes on her merry way.

I was seriously tempted to respond to this strange hair inquirer that actually it’s very possible to have naturally uncolored hair and have it be fabulously looking and just because I am way too lazy to handle the rigorous schedule that goes along with maintaining colored hair it shouldn’t mean I can’t be entitled to a great hair color. Further more, I felt like she was implying like I was holding out on her, like I was scheming to not let this stranger in on my hair colorist secrets. Then I realized, she’s crazily approaching strangers in a produce section to talk about hair color – she’s got bigger issues in life.

Just an example of the weirdness of my life.


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