1 Mar

As I’ve previously mentioned I really appreciate my DVR. In combination with acquiring aforementioned DVR and the writer’s strike that took my stand by shows off the air I’ve become much more open to trying out new shows. Hell, there are times when I record shows unsure of what they are but just so on lazy Saturday mornings I can have something ready and waiting for me to view.

Well after the crazy Vegas trip last weekend and the busy work week I was fairly excited about the idea of sweatpants, my couch and DVR occupying my day. I caught up on my stand by reality programs and then ventured into shows I am testing out, followed by new programs. On the new programs list was Quarterlife.

After seeing a couple ads I thought this might be right up my alley – I loved Singles and Reality Bites and well seeing as how I am rapidly approaching that quarter life point in my life along with my new found blog writing it just seemed like it would be a fit. I’ve heard this show has been on MySpace for a year – well I guess I’m not that hip when it comes to the MySpace series but NBC tends to have a knack for picking programing so it was deemed a recordable program.

WOW. I don’t know if this will be a program that is picked up on by the masses – it’s definitely not a mainstream show with a 30 minute crisis that is solved right along with a recorded laugh track. And maybe it’s that I loved Singles and Reality Bites but Dylan (the dark haired video blogger) and I seem to have too much in common. Dark hair, sarcastic, observant, unable to tell people our feelings, confused about boys, etc.

Maybe I’m feeling extra angst-ridden after my afternoon yesterday – this could surely have some impact on why I am now questioning what exactly I am doing with my life and whether or not my current course of action is the right thing for me. Maybe I just am drawing these parallels because it seems convenient to not feel like I’m out on a solo mission trying to make sense of all the various friendships, relationships and overall pathways my life is going down right now. It’s really hard to say – but I’ve found a new show and for the time being that will suffice.

So in closing – Quarterlife, I look forward to new episodes and discovering whether this pilot debut was a one time fling or if my fond feelings of you will be sustained.


One Response to “Quarterlife”

  1. Todd Mason March 24, 2008 at 5:46 pm #

    Well, NBC gave it, as you probably know, exactly one (1) hour, then shunted the rest off to a one-time marathon on Bravo (though you can see all the 8-10 minute chunks on Quarterlife.com and the 42-minute versions on NBC.com for at least a while.

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