3am Dance Parties

11 Mar

For the most part, I do not like losing sleep. I do not like having scary dreams that wake me up and keep me up because of their craziness. I do not like being stressed out before I go to bed anticipating all sorts of mass to do lists.If I can help it I just do not like going without sleep. However, on some occasions it is totally worth it.

Like when you close down a night club in Sin City and get 45 minutes of low quality sleep before hitting the airport. Or when you stay up all night talking or watching movies with a charming boy, that’s at times worth it. But when people just tell me “hey, spring your clock forward and lose an hour of your life” – well, that just does not make me happy.

I was slightly bitter heading into last weekend knowing I would lose that hour of my life, knowing it would make my Sunday go by faster, knowing it would make Monday morning just a tad more draining but I was ready…for the most part. So when All-Star (yes, that’s a new friend introduction to this here blog) called me up Saturday and suggested we go out, grab some drinks, be social I was ready. And when casual drinks with friends turned to shot taking and drunken love confessions to strangers I embraced it. When 27 Dresses demanded we hit up another bar 20 minutes before closing time I offered location options and chugged champagne right there alongside her. Usually after a long night out and closing down not one but two bars I would head home and crawl into bed for some much needed rest – but not last weekend. For whatever reason we all decided to go back to All-Star and 27 Dresses loft and have a dance party.

Now I’m sure calm dance parties do exist (I personally would not be interested in them) but this was by far one of the most rowdy dance parties I have been involved in – and that’s saying something friends. Since the clock sprung forward it was suddenly 3am and we were bumping “Please don’t stop the music”, running around (literally), dancing on furniture and jumping – yes, jumping, like it was our jobs.

Around 3:30am when the downstairs neighbor came up to tell us there was a 5 year old downstairs and that we were way too loud we not only hid from this person but we then turned the music back on and jumped and danced exclusively on the couch. Classic.

Like I said, it has to really be worth it for me to miss out on my treasured sleep. But anytime Rihanna, Chris Brown, my girls and I get together I’ll go with out the sleep – Please Don’t Stop TheĀ Music.


2 Responses to “3am Dance Parties”

  1. 27 Dresses March 12, 2008 at 8:43 am #

    Please don’t, please don’t, please don’t stop the music.
    May very well be a highlight of 2008.

  2. All Star March 12, 2008 at 8:58 am #

    Nothing, nothing, beats a 3AM dance party … on the couch. Nothing.

    Thanks for the shack!


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