The Selects

21 Mar

So “The Selects” is a fancy name that basically means captures those special handful of songs in your life that will always be something special and meaningful to you. They can capture an entire relationship or a monnumnetal day. Examples of “The Selects” would be: your first kiss song, your wedding song/first dance, the song that was playing when you found out something tragic. Just those songs that will always take you immediately back to a certain thing or person.

Here are a few of my selects:

“You Look Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton – after many years, and many, many, MANY music conversations this was identified as my favorite song of all time. There is an acoustic version that is total magic and is sensational. No joke. Plus, this song was requested and dedicated to me at every sorority or fraternity social function I went to by The Officer – which I think I took for granted at the time but really is quite endearing and tender – which is even harder for me to say.

“At Last” by Etta James – While unmarried at this point in my life (*whew*) I still think this song is so wedding perfect – which is a bold statement in itself since I am a little (read: A LOT) commitment phobic. The song is actually quite short and therefore perhaps not the best first dance song but a great formal introduction of the bride and groom song – sadly, this is really the only thing I know for sure I would want at my wedding. And the reason I say sadly is because marriage still does make me a bit twitchy. Don’t get me wrong – it’s great and all – I’m just not in the marriage frame of mind currently. Again (*whew).”

“Twisted” by Keith Sweat – Didn’t see that one coming did you. Well I’m not saying I’m some closet Keith Sweat fan (I’m not by the way) but during Junior High many of my friends held “parties” – I use the quotations because they were not parties in the sense familiar to most people which contain booze and wildly inappropriate antics – they were mostly in people’s garages or daylight basements with streamers, some moderate sound system and dancing/hanging out – 95% harmless. Anyhow, during this time frame Keith Sweat was quite popular and when his slow jams would play it was immediately called to everyone’s attention what boy liked what girl, who were couples, who were dating, etc. So “Twisted” reminds me of junior high and the best part – those boys and girls are still some of my close friends and when I see the boys mostly this song always comes to mind.

“Konstantine” by Something Corporate – This one literally covers the full spectrum of a friendship, years of bad timing/feelings confusion, a somewhat functional relationship, betrayal of trust and breakdown of anything at this point close to civil. The song lyrically and musically covers all the bases – while you might imagine this hard, it’s not. Look up the lyrics. This song still evokes a lot of emotion in me – it used to be something giddy and happy, it then became something sad and depressing and now it’s frustration and anger. I love this song – it’s fantastic and some part of me appreciates that one song, the 9 minutes and some odd seconds that can capture me so fully – but it’s almost too much for me at this point.

My favorite part:

This is to a girl
Who got into my head
With all the pretty things she did

This is to a girl
Who got into my head
With all these fucked up things I did

It’s not hard to dream, you’ll always be my Konstanine – they’ll never hurt you like I do.

“Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty – Tom Petty will always remind me of Hodgkin’s, of being 16 and driving my gold Volvo sedan with the sunroof down in the sun, of outdoor concerts and flip flops down at the river, at friends playing acoustic guitar, of Frisbees in the park and of just pure unfiltered fun. Free Fallin’ makes me smile every time – it can make my day better. The other day in the midst of a stressful day while sick I heard a portion of it at work and it made me slightly distracted and content. Oh T.P. 🙂


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