Book Store A.D.D.

21 Apr

I like to think of myself as a free-thinker. I attended a liberal college in a town where May Day riots and legalizing marajuana parades are frequent and not really seen as odd. I’ve owned birkenstocks and while I can’t allow myself to go more than a day without a shower I do have a pretty laid back go with the flow view on some aspects of my life. All this is thrown by the way side when I enter a book store.

Disclaimer: This over-arching revelation of my life extends beyond book stores to Target, Best Buy, well really most stores…but books are the prime example for simplifying this in this blog. Go with it.

The Sox Fan is a consumer whore. He’s open about it. For example, we were watching television and he was sucked into the Pasta Hut commercials. The man feels an urge to test out Pizza Hut’s new menu expansion because their commercial shows hidden cameras capturing pleased customers eating Pasta Hut food in a nice Italian restaurant setting and not knowing the difference. He is aware of his ability to be sucked into consumerism and he’s okay with it.

I feel like I should be morally opposed or should feel some sort of angst when marketers attempt to suck me into their products (granted this may or may not have been the field I studied in college and may or may not have something to do with how I make my lively hood) but I realized this weekend while at the book store I’ve been sucked into the vortex. I know how it started, it’s those damn “Buy 2 get one free” tables. I always find one book I’ve seen around or heard a lot about that I want to buy. Then I feel like, hell, I should take advantage of the deal and I pick out another book. Then I need to pick out one to be discounted…and so the cycle continues.

Plus, I’ve created this habit where I like reading the books before I see the movie. Totally geeky I know, but there truly is a difference and I have to admit often times the books are better (or make more sense) for when the movie leaves gaps a.k.a. Into the Wild.

These tables of multi-book offers also lead me to find authors I like and then suddenly I need to buy all their books just because I enjoy them. Being in a book club also is not helping this situation for me either…more books to buy.

Some people might say use the library, curb your spending. Well here’s the real root of the issue, I rarely have a list of books I want – in the most consumer way possible I’ve become reliant on the book store to supply me with displays and specialty tables to identify books I might end up reading. And in the final real seal the deal clincher I compulsively not only go to the book store but I always buy something. Always.

Today I tried to break the spending mold. For the last few trips to the book store I’ve seen books I wanted that were not on these glorious discounted tables and I took the time to write down their titles and today I successfully sought them out on a discounted book seller site. I did this because I noticed that with a certain monetary level of purchases there was free shipping. Free shipping and cheaper books, I’m sold.

The only issue to contend with than was my need for instant gratification. Well guess what friends, when you’ve got a stack of 10 books in your kitchen that have accumulated over the last handful of trips to the book store you can mentally wait out the 3-5 business days for the shipment of 3 new books to arrive.

I know I am a geek, but look at it this way, my addiction could be to something illegal or painful to those around me – and if this addiction leads to people calling me a geek but no bodily injury or fear of being hauled off to jail well, I think I’ve got a good thing going.

Except for that whole consumer dependency compulsive A.D.D….


One Response to “Book Store A.D.D.”

  1. Kallyn April 22, 2008 at 10:13 am #

    Hi! I decided I should stop being such a creeper and comment. Good lord. Thanks, 7 hour pub crawl.

    Also- those Border’s display tables are quicksand. You totally get sucked in.

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