Blast from the Past

11 May

OH friends, where to begin. Clearly I have been on a blog hiatus. I haven’t had a great deal of time and to be honest I haven’t had a really any inspiration for blog topics. Work is busy and hectic and much like any office job after spending a solid portion of my daily existence staring into a computer screen the last thing I really want to do when I get home is pop on my laptop and delve back into that neon light yet again.

I’ve really not been up to much as of late, I read three books in 2.5 weeks – from topics that included a romantic love story involving time travel (for my book club…go ahead…laugh…yes, I am in a book club, one that I helped to start and NO this was not my suggestion), one about Vegas and MIT card counters, and one sarcastic tale of a girls quarter life crisis where she runs away from her stable guy, job and frankly her life. (For the record I was not the author of the last one…crazy, I know).

Besides reading and working I have been busy over-analyzing my personal life, making rash statements, being a brat and a general pain to be around – so all in all I’ve been a total peach.

Today I was cleaning through a pile of files from when I left my former job and came across a thumb drive that I hadn’t seen for long amount of time. My curious nature set in and I popped it in. WHOA there trip down memory lane – among other artifacts from my college computer included on this thumb drive was a folder of what I guess post-college graduation I determined was music that had to be taken off my old computer. Mostly Glen Philips, some early pre-signed John Mayer, Jimmy Eat World, The Roots, Lisa Loeb and Dire Straits.

For some strange reason I have the hardest time expressing my emotions, feelings and train of thought when it comes to really, well anything beyond giving others advice, my opinions or work. When it comes to my own life I am clueless. Clue. Less. As of late it’s resulted in a number of long, drawn out and hard to follow “conversations” with The Sox Fan. When I added all the aforementioned historic J-Dub life music/college soundtrack to my iTunes tonight I could remember exactly how I felt at the time where this music was integrated into my daily life, I could remember what I was emotionally going through and now that I guess I am looking back on it I can know what I “should” have done or what was a bad idea for me in dealing with life. I found it partially alarming that the only way I am able to gain insight into my life was through music I used to listen to 6 years ago…so I’ll be shifting my energy to analyzing this new revelation.


One Response to “Blast from the Past”

  1. Birdlegs May 13, 2008 at 7:41 am #

    What was the third book, b/c that sounds like something I should read:)

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