Savvy 6 Part 3

3 Jun

A lot of time has passed since I last blogged. Mostly because of work related events, long days, longer nights, big events, Starlight Parade winning floats – standard busy work for an average individual. So in an attempt to break back into the blogging world here’s the Savvy 6 Part 3.

Recently I dug out my 20GB iPod from college – the huge white one with the two-tone screen – the original before Mac got all slick and tiny. The Sox Fan sent me a link to download a program to link your old iPod to your current iTunes and therefore allowing the transfer of all those fantastic albums to once again be part of my mainstream music scene. Kudos to The Sox Fan for this find. So you see this round of Savvy 6 is new and improved – supplemented with some great mix tape albums and music that wasn’t at my immediate disposal.

*Trust me, this summer, blogging will once again be the new black. It will be monumental. Just you wait and see.

“Here You Me”- Jimmy Eat World
I always thought this to be a romantic song – maybe it was being in college and getting all swooney when boys would play guitar around me. I’m a girl, I can admit it – boys playing guitar and the idea of some cute shaggy haired boy writing and performing a love song is about the most romantic thing I could think of in college. I do now wonder if the song is about death, this latest listen makes me wonder…well, that and what happened to Jimmy Eat World?

“Anticipating” – Britney Spears
This was my favorite Britney song freshman year of college – Spring term. I can still remember having dance parties to this in the dorm room I shared with Blondie. It has that great poppy light vibe that made me want to have fun, run around campus with my dorm mates giggling and filming  a crazy night tour video. I miss this Britney – cute, somewhat innocent, super fun – just the kind of girl I would be friends with versus be scared she would run me over in some drunk driving incident.

“How to be Dead” – Snow Patrol
Ah yes, another song that will always be linked to junior year of college and a boy. All the good ones link back to boys, or traumatic events…which sometimes are the same. At the time I remember the dedication of this song to me as something strange – I didn’t really get it at the time. Having stepped out of the situation I can see it was a sincere, emotional and while not superbly pretty an honest gesture. It’s a great song. This is also one of the few songs that when I look at the lyrics I literally can not pick out my favorite two lines. And that is really saying something…I’m choosy like that.

“Dead on Arrival” – Fall Out Boy
Yes, I think it’s strange that the last two songs have “dead” in the title. This is one of my favorite running songs – it has that great beat that makes it easy to launch into a workout that releases pent up tension. Favorite line: A rivalry goes so deep, Between me and this loss of sleep over you. And yes, this is from early pre-MTV Fall Out Boy…I am that hard core. Okay, not really.

“Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” – John Mayer
Before John Mayer got all creepy and dated half of the female celebrities in America he was a musician I adored. I still love his music and this song was my favorite off of the Continuum album. Granted this song is about a break-up it’s actually most fitting for most of my relationships. Best line:

I was the one you always dreamed of
You were the one I tried to draw
How dare you say it’s nothing to me
Baby, you’re the only light I ever saw

“Sweet Emotion” – Aerosmith
This is one of my Top 5 songs. EVER. Maybe it’s the fantastic intro, maybe it’s the high school friends and great times it reminds me of. Maybe it’s the fact that both my dad and I can relate to music by Aerosmith and other classic rock artists. I don’t know but I love this song and when you are as big of a music geek as I am it’s pretty damn hard to be in the Top 5. Plus, this song always puts me in a good mood and I somehow always end up rocking out to it. 🙂


4 Responses to “Savvy 6 Part 3”

  1. Jordan June 3, 2008 at 8:23 pm #

    Dude, kudos on the Britney Spears “Anticipating” plug, that song kicks some major ass.

  2. Mego June 5, 2008 at 8:37 am #

    Whoa. First of all, I have all but one of these on my ipod, so I decided to listen to them right now. A little JW playlist on a Thursday morning. Second, we need to chat about Jimmy Eat World. Their most recent CD was pretty damn good. (I’m a little embarrassed to be admitting that to the entire internet, but anyone who knows me knows I have no musical integrity anyway).

  3. Blondie June 5, 2008 at 10:38 am #

    Love me some Britney Spears… I really hope you saw the bumper sticker I sent you on facebook. But as you mentioned dancing in the dorm… I couldn’t help but want to hit a light switch. I only ask you consider Christina Milian AM to PM for volume 4 of the Savvy 6 🙂

  4. JDub June 5, 2008 at 3:18 pm #

    I think Christina Milian remains on the music from my college computer…I don’t know if I am mentally capable of downloading that from the iTunes at my age.

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