The Power of a Skirt

10 Jun

I will be the first to admit that I do not come across as a super girly girl. I don’t own a great deal (read: any) pink clothing, I don’t really own pastel colored clothing. I stick with the basics, black, browns, a bit of red here and there and greens. Pretty standard and while I do consider myself to be fairly stylish my personal style would never be called “girly” – it’s more classic or contemporary. I do, like most young women enjoy wearing dresses and an occasional skirt – who doesn’t like getting dressed up every so often?

I used to work for a company with a really strict dress code. I’m not talking about suits only. I’m talking about a 30 some odd PowerPoint slide deck detailing what is and is not acceptable for office attire. Some of my favorite details of the dress code included: no chipped nail polish on fingers or toes, no dark nail colors, shoes must cover the toes or the heels (if your toes are showing your heels have to be covered) just some of the craziest rules I have ever heard of. Crazy.

So when I moved jobs I was able to shed the bland Banana Republic suit hell that was my life for an extended period of time and start wearing jeans, hoodies and a much more day to day realistic clothing approach. I thought at first it was too good to be true. I wore dresses for the first 4 days of my job – then I finally broke down and wore jeans.

It’s pretty much been jeans, khakis, cropped jeans and long shorts for the last 7 months straight. For a few occasions I have busted out dress slacks and a dress here and there but like I said, I’m reveling in my new found dress code happiness.

So this week when I was in the middle of the great laundry cleaning of 2008 and thought it was going to be a sunny day I did something I haven’t for a while. I busted out the mid-length skirt. Nothing crazy – just a slightly longer than the knee flowy red and black skirt with a black cardigan and cute sandals.

Within 3 minutes (not kidding) I had 4 comments on my skirt. Not just women noting, “hey, cute skirt” but dudes…yes, dudes “you’re wearing a skirt” or “nice dress…skirt…thing”. Apparently I’ve been wearing jeans for so long this skirt incident was a shocker to people’s systems.

Who knew a skirt could cause such a scene? I would normally be a little concerned or self concious about the whole thing but when I slipped into my jeans again this morning I realized I didn’t care, because I could be stuck wearing a suit.


One Response to “The Power of a Skirt”

  1. Mego June 11, 2008 at 7:43 am #

    When describing our dress code at The Company to my new coworkers, I believe I used the phrase, “1950’s Catholic School from hell.” Remember when our favorite blonde got out the ruler and measured the length of people’s skirts and capris? Or when I got called into a conference room to discuss my jean jacket? Or when we were told we couldn’t show our toes because RB thought toes were gross? I wish I’d responded that I thought inappropriate facial hair was gross…

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