But I don’t even like cats!

13 Jun

I am a dog person – plain and simple. I had a cat as a kid, appropriately and creatively named: Tabby. She was the second and for the most part last pet I had in my youth and I so badly wished she was a dog. I even had a hot pink rhinestone harness and leash for her in the hopes that maybe she would want to go out for a walk one day. No such luck friends, cats do not like to be walked. True story.

With that being said I do have many friends who love them some cats. I’ve been known to review their cat selections on the Humane Society adoption webpage but nothing major – like I said I don’t like cats.

What I do love however are LOL Cats! Fantastic. Some of my co-workers are also fans of the LOL cats and many a LOL cat get passed around the emails amidst the actual work.

Here’s my favorite of the week:

I sent this especially to The Sox Fan and later realized that black and orange cat, that’s The Sox Fan. And naturally that orange cat is totally me. It’s better when you really think about it and realize that truly summarizes us. The Sox Fan, being serious and unamused and there I am doing something wacky messing up the vibe he’s putting out. So awesome.

So friends, if you also heart the LOL cats, feel free to send those along and I too will add you to my distribution list.


2 Responses to “But I don’t even like cats!”

  1. Blondie June 16, 2008 at 10:09 am #

    I heart cats! Thank you for making my morning with this post.

  2. Rue The Day July 7, 2008 at 2:30 pm #

    I love LoL Cats, I even made my own alphabet using them:

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