Getting Domestic

2 Jul

That’s right friends, I think the day is coming in which I will be a fully domesticated lady. I should probably preface the next few statements with the disclaimer that it’s not like I lead some transient, dirty bachelor lifestyle. My air hockey table does not double as my dining table – I don’t even have an air hockey table but I wish I did, my socks are clean and there are no insects inhabiting my home. I just haven’t been one of those girls who immediately upon getting her first apartment was throwing dinner parties and decorating it to match the pages of Home and Garden Magazine.

Perhaps it’s that my 25th birthday is just days away, perhaps it’s that my friends are all hunkering down with boyfriends, engagements, marriages and what not, perhaps it’s just that I am seeking out a change of pace and it’s coming in the form of nesting – it’s most likely a combination of all three.

All I know is that I have done the following domestic things in the last couple weeks and instead of being creeped out when I make this list, I’m actually okay with it.

Domestic Activity #1: Grocery Shopping. Usually I am a big fan of popping into the local organic, healthy living market/store and grabbing a couple small things for meals – but in the past two weeks I have gone large scale full on pre-made shopping list grocery shopping. I’ve since gone days without going else where but my kitchen for meals and I like it. I have been planning in advance meal contents and packing leftover cartons as well. Big things people, BIG things.

Domestic Activity #2: Serving Dishes Purchasing. What started with a friendly request to bring some champagne flutes to a bridal shower turned into a serving dish movement with a trip to Pier 1. I went in with the plan only to grab the flutes and then there was a large table of recycled glass serving dishes and bowls. Recently I went to a cocktail/appetizer event and I realized that I didn’t have serving dishes for transport so I bought some – and they were on sale. Although I have resisted the urge to go back to Pier 1 for more goods – but I’m expanding my domestic items. Now I just need to break the seal on the crock pot I got for Christmas.

Domestic Activity #3: Looking for Artwork. I am the worst person about putting artwork, pictures frames, etc. on the walls. I always intend to “get to that” portion of decorating and then never follow through. Well I recently spent a few hours perusing artwork at a number of places and am debating between a few options.

So as I look down the barrel of my pending birthday in the next few days I’m seriously thinking about committing to domesticity. It’s scary but I suppose that’s the nature of the beast as you get older.


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