Good Summer TV – An Oxymoron?

7 Jul

As I have previously mentioned, I adore my DVR. I love being able to record programs I love to watch and have their episodes at my immediate disposal. I love being able to to record new programs to watch at my leisure to decide if this is a new show I will be watching. Most of all I love being able to fast forward through commercials. (I have been known to stop the fast forward at times to watch some commercials because I am a big advertising geek like that).

Summer is a hard time for the TV viewer. All the good stand-by shows are on break and no network launches new programming that will actually stick around past season one. There is literally one thing I look forward to when it comes to TV programming in these warm months: SYTYCD. (So You Think You Can Dance).

I love the audition shows, and not to watch what kind of crazies come out of the woodwork to audition (i.e. a man who calls himself Sex but is in fact a creepy looking old nerd) but for the AMAZING talent that does audition. Some of my audition favorites have made it on to this season’s show (i.e. Twitch, Kherington, Joshua and Will) – along with some people I wished would have put on their clothes and snaked their way back to Miami…SUZIE. Yuck.

By far my favorite choreographer is Mia Michaels. Her contemporary pieces are stunning and no Broadway or smooth waltz routine will ever top even her mediocre work…the only thing I can think of off the top of my head I liked that was in the same ballpark was the Mandy Moore jazz routine from last season on the table top.

Last week both Mia Michaels routine’s were phenomenal and I had to share them – so if you are looking for some good summer TV check out SYTYCD – Wednesday nights routines and Thursday night elimination show…


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