Only Me.

15 Jul

Fun Facts:

Yesterday was Bastille Day which is like Independence Day for the French. Yesterday was also Julie Gets Hit By A Car Day which was less celebratory and more traumatic.

That’s right friends – Hit. By. A. Car. Not like while driving my car I was involved in a motor accident, not like I was hit while parked, but literally Julie walking and BAM hit by a car, and not just any car – an F’ing mini van.

So yesterday I was feeling a little impulsive (read: bored) and upon receiving an email from Red Sox Nation was alerted that the Boston Red Sox would be playing the Seattle Mariners at Safeco next week. I recently went to my first MLB game (same teams, same place) and was immediately smitten so I thought – hell, I’ve got some vacation time and there’s an early afternoon game – time to check out tickets. I called The Sox Fan, bribed, pleaded and begged (aka asked) and he was in, tickets were purchased, we are as good as there my friends.

In preparing for next weeks game I thought it would be a good idea to get a hat, a very specific Sox hat and so off to the nearest shopping center I went. I got out of the car, was walking behind a car that was STOPPED in the center aisle with LOTS of open parking spots around if when I guess this mini van driver decided they had to have the spot about 15′ behind them and so she put that bad boy in reverse, hit the gas and tagged me. My arm was impacted by the rear window wiper and my leg was hit by the bumper. I was not knocked to the ground – if I was I’m pretty sure I literally would have been run over.

It wasn’t funny at the time, I do imagine it might be in the future but for now I’m a little banged up and a lot traumatized of that shopping center parking lot. Stuff like this always happens to me – like what are the odds of this?!?!

On a lighter note I got my hat, I drank some spirits and I do have that baseball game to look forward to…which reminds me of my favorite SportsCenter commercial:


One Response to “Only Me.”

  1. 27 Dresses July 15, 2008 at 5:56 pm #

    I’m concerned.

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