29 Jul

It’s no secret – I am a geek. I’m pretty open about it. Well I guess I should re-phrase that, once I let people in or become sufficiently comfortable with them, I allow people to gain knowledge about me that clearly identifies me as a geek. One might not think from the early on-set that I am, but it’s a FACT.

I know I can be a difficult geek to detect. I love celebrity gossip magazines (read: US Weekly) and sarcastic blogs (read: The Superficial), I am borderline obsessed with sports (college football in general, more specifically the Oregon Ducks and The Red Sox), I enjoy fall fashion, cocktails at any hour and being outdoors. But beyond the surface I love watching Jeopardy, learning nerdy facts, reading everyday and jumping from book to book to book without a break. I’m not really into the whole sci-fi scene or playing World of Warcraft – that’s a whole different breed of geek. I’m a fairly main stream geek…or maybe nerd is the proper word…hard to say. 

All I know is that within the last few weeks multiple people have made it a point to call me out as a “Geek”…specifically that exact term. One time was in the car driving with The Sox Fan to Seattle to catch the mighty Red Sox sweep the Mariners (boo yah 12 innings of Red Sox baseball in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday). I was going on about finishing a book and my love of true crime/non-fiction and The Sox Fan just shouts out “GEEK!”…he also pointed at me like two kids would when one is trying to pass blame on the other for eating cookie dough from the mixing bowl. Mind you, this is not the first time The Sox Fan has brought it to my attention that he thinks my constant reading is nerdy but I like to think that he does this only because he is unable to express his awe and amazement that I am so intelligent in any other way. 

I was also called out by a co-worker when talking about how all I wanted to do after a long day of work was head home, put on sweat pants and read. I guess not all people think this is a nice way to wind down – but I don’t really get it. Yes, I realize it’s the weekend and therefore I should be out toasting cocktails to another office jungle survival week in the bag but I like spending time with myself. I live alone people. I’m cool with it. I don’t need to be out in a small skirt having strangers bumping into me and sloshing their red bull vodkas onto my adorable shoes to have a good time. Sweat pants, cozy couch, good book…yeah, I’m good.

While all of his home-body geek behavior was being brought to my attention I also discovered my new favorite website: Good Reads. It’s a site where you can rate books, note what you intend to read in the future and see what your friends, favorite authors or strangers are reading/have read. Part library catalog, part social networking site – it’s a great way to get informed of good book options.

I’m trying to plow through the stack of books in my kitchen that I have impulsively purchased over the last 6 months and then I’m taking my geek factor to a new high. LIBRARY CARD – why not save some cash and cash in on those tax dollars I’ve been putting into this county…sounds like a solid plan to me. 

Moral of the story: I may or may not be a lot of things but I am 100% comfortable with being a geek and reading alone on a Friday night (the Friday in question I did end up going out to dinner and cocktails with friends FYI so I’m not actually becoming a shut-in).


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