You can always go home.

6 Aug

I’ve had a lot of things going through my mind lately and so work with me here readers, I know the list format is not the most elegant blog writing format to be used but it’s the way my mind has been working as of late. It could be due to the longer commutes to and from work to the burbs where I am residing this week.

1. I’ve been dog sitting/house sitting for my parent’s while they are in San Fran celebrating their 35 year wedding anniversary. 35 years – how seriously cool is that? I mean don’t get me wrong it’s slightly scary that they have been married for longer than they have lived their lives apart. And that’s just married, there were many a year of dating before the aforementioned marriage. I truly do hope that I will marry just once and I think that’s in large part due to the two of them. So cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Dub.

2. There is something bizarre about living back in my childhood home after being gone for so long. My parents house is the place I’ve called home since mid-way through 4th grade and it’s the site of most of my youth. Sure I stayed here in during college summers and for a few months after graduation but with the exception of a few random holiday sleepovers I haven’t really lived here for a few years. It could be the pictures of ex-boyfriends in my room (or my parent’s living room but to their credit those are some of the more recent pics they have to chose from and I do look adorable in them), it could be the stack of yearbooks I found in a box under my bed that were too close of a call to walking down memory lane, it could be the high school diploma over the TV that stared me down while I watched the news the other night, but I think most of all it’s the twin size daybed with floral sheets and my dorm room comforter on the bed that really sealed the odd factor for me. Needless to say I’ve had some restless sleep because apparently I have become quite used to sprawling out…who knew…

3. Rebelious behavior. Okay, so now that I am in the mid-twenties I guess there is very little that can be considered rebelious that I could be getting myself into. Other than breaking laws (which I usually avoid doing) and leading a secret double life (which I don’t have) life is pretty standard. But I have to admit there is something strangely rebelious about drinking booze at my parent’s house. First let me say my parent’s do drink so it’s not like I am bootlegging beverages in their dry home, in fact my dad was the one who went out and got me new bottles of vodka and tequila. But having a post work cocktail in your parents house while pulling liqour from their cabinet still felt like I was breaking the law and for a minute it did cross my mind to go buy new unopen bottles so they wouldn’t know. Then I snapped out of it.

Life in the burbs continues for a couple more days. It’s been great to spend time with Mister Jack Dog and in some ways it’s that little bit of calming that can only be found when you go back home.


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