Ghost of Relationships Past

12 Aug

I’m not usually a person who answers phone calls from numbers not listed in my cell phone address book. Maybe it’s because I’ve had the same number since I was 16 (read: this is called foreshadowing) but I think it’s mostly because if I don’t have your number then we can’t be that close and de facto you shouldn’t really have my number but since I give my cell phone number out to work people and because accidents happen, phones break and people get new numbers like they get new haircuts every once and a while I’ll take a call from a number I don’t know.

This is where I got into trouble on Sunday. It was a nice sunny afternoon, I was driving in the sunshine to go grocery shopping, minding my own business when my phone rings and an unknown number to me, but one with a local area code mind you pops up, so I think well it could be a vendor for something at work (WRONG) and  I answer with my standard “I don’t know who this could be so let’s go with a professional greeting” and this conversation takes place:

Me: “This is JDub”
Mystery Person: “Hi JDub, how are you?”
Me: “Uh, I’m good…who is this?”
Mystery Person: “It’s Tall Emotional Basket Case Ex Boyfriend using First Name Only.”
Me: “Oh…(long awkward pause)…hi”
Mystery Person is now becoming Mr. Emo: “I know this is really out of the blue…but well…I needed to talk to you…do you have a minute to talk?”
Me: “Wow, it’s been a long time…(more awkward pauses) uh, sure…I have a minute…”
Mr. Emo: “Well I don’t really know how to say this but basically I’ve been dealing with a depression situation and going through some self help processes…and well I needed to talk to you and apologize and make amends for how I treated you when we broke up and then again for a couple years ago when my friends took my phone and drunk dialed you…so I just guess I wanted to say I’m sorry…I know this is really out of left field…I’m just trying to work through some issues and really needed to do this.”*

*Now seems like a good time to take a time out and explain that Mr. Emo and I dated while we were still teenagers – and it’s been about 7 years (literally) since we were at the end of our relationship. We have not seen each other or spoken to each other in 7 YEARS. When Mr. Emo mentioned the drunk dial from his friends I remember I was in Belgium for work at the time and had a hard time even figuring out who this person’s friends were that were calling me. I will note that when we dated it was on the scale of high school relationships more intense than casual…but that was because he made it that intense (obviously).

Granted our relationship included him cheating on his girlfriend with me (I didn’t know there was another girl), him cheating on me (what goes around comes around I suppose), me coming off a life threatening illness when we met which made him really intense about me, me dating someone else, one school transfer, multiple months spent broken up and not talking, dating again, two break ups (both done by me), some talk of marriage (him to me), another break up for serious (done by me), lots of avoiding his intenseness (done by me), him getting engaged to someone after dating me within MONTHS…while we were teenagers and since that time he broke that engagement, and I believe actually did get married to a girl and have two kids.

We’re the same age BTW.

Anywho, back to the phone convo…Mr. Emo continued to apologize and then asked how I was, was I living in the City of Roses, did I graduate from the best freaking state school ever (duh), what was I up to for work, for fun. I kept it light since I was still a little (read: a LOT) shocked about what was happening and of course had lots of long awkward pauses. He then said thanks for listening  and went on to mention that it was  really important for him to apologize to me because of how badly he felt our relationship ended and how essentially I left him from what he can tell as traumatized as possible which has had lasting effects when it comes to relationships. Awesome.

I wrapped up the convo without really asking about him – I was still shocked. My bad. Then in the ultimate clincher move he told me to take care and called me by my nickname from high school that only a few called me  and he of course always did refer to me as…think precious gems.

Moral of the story: Watch out boys I guess I’m a traumatizer.


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  1. Blondie August 15, 2008 at 10:04 am #

    W. T. F.

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