Well Played Ryan Cabrera…Well Played.

18 Aug

So recently I’ve clearly been taking some trips down memory lane, see my previous blog posting about house/dog sitting and Mr. Emo’s confession and well friends, this one is going to go along that same route.

I try and make it a habit for as much as my schedule can allow to visit my parents and of course Jack Dog on Sundays. This weekend was no different and after a semi lazy morning of reading my book in bed and my favorite miscellaneous movie/TV show tidbits I headed out to the burbs for some Fam time.

Our Sunday ritual is pretty standard, we catch up on one another’s latest life stories, I read the paper and check out the Target and Best Buy ads, I play with Jack Dog, we get take out, there’s a trip to the local book mega store and heaven’s gift to the burbs: Target. All in all it’s relaxing quality Fam time and I think we all not only enjoy it but look forward to it.

After my relaxing Fam time in the house of my youth I forgo the major highway route back to my downtown apartment for a more scenic expressway path that leads me specifically through a tree-lined portion of road that is one of my favorite drives and has been since my high school days of driving my gold sedan Volvo with the sunroof open along the same route. While on this piece of roadway the radio station I am listening to starts playing the allegedly highly anticipated new Ryan Cabrera song.

Thoughts that go through my mind:

1. WTF ever happened to Ryan Cabrera aka Where has that guy been?

2. It’s strange that he dated Ashlee Simpson and she is now married and pregnant.

3. I wonder if his poor public persona is because he was managed by Ashlee Simpson’s dad.  Maybe Senor Simpson stopped promoting him when Ashlee got with shiny new Mr. Emo Pete Wentz.

Then I started listening to the lyrics to “Enemies” the latest and greatest from Ryan Cabrera and I realized – holy crap, the reason Ryan Cabrera has been missing from the public limelight is because he’s been stalking my life. Has he been spending the last few years following me around town? Has he been interviewing my friends and ex’s behind my back? Have you seen this guy lately? He could fit in around this town and never be noticed so the stalking angle might have some merit.

Now mind you I’m not rave reviewing they new songs of Mr. Cabrera – I just had a small panic attack while driving home last night running these thoughts through my mind. Also, Ryan if you are reading this please see some of my older blog posts regarding other complicated love life/relationship issues, I’m sure you or who ever rights your songs can gleen some stellar material from my life. We can get drinks and laugh at my misfortune whenever you would like.


One Response to “Well Played Ryan Cabrera…Well Played.”

  1. 27 Dresses August 19, 2008 at 3:24 pm #

    I have now resorted to public posts of harrassment. WRITE ABOUT THE WEDDING BLOG! Please JW! Just one little sentence. 🙂

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