Catching Up

3 Sep

At least three times a day I come to this blog site and open a new post. Sometimes I stare at the blank post page for a few minutes (read: 15), sometimes I open a new post and immediately open a new internet browser tab and move on to updating my books list on good reads, other times I open the new post only to close it before I even begin to think about what to say.

For a while I was noting down odd conversations, comments, occurances that would happen to me and “unique” people that I would meet in the train of thought that once back at a computer I would blog about them. Then I realized I usually just call my friends and tell whoever the incident is most relevant to. Plus, since most of those people are my blog readers and/or would be the only people besides me who would find those occurances entertaining the point would then be dead.

So instead of trying to blog about just one item I’m going to just rant with the intention of leaving each topic with a fun moral or life lesson take-away. The following items are in no particular order and yes, 27 Dresses I will blog about that wedding website – just not today because I can’t mentally process any more commitment related topics in my life. Which leads me to the curse of the ex.

I have a friend who thinks that all ex’s should be shipped off to an isolated island. Never to be contacted or heard from again – I admit, it’s an intriguing concept and could be very helpful in the immediate post relationship phase of all parties involved lives. In the last week I have once again heard from Mr. Emo – he called just to psycho analyze me and tell me how “impactful” I was on his life. I use air quotes because I don’t think he meant I was a mentor or a role model but more so in comparing how awesome I am to other women he’s dated or MARRIED, I guess they didn’t measure up. Which I hear I should take as a flattering compliment but instead I find disheartening.

I don’t want to be the standard to which others are held accountable. I don’t want the next person I date to be comparing me to their ex. But here’s the glitch, I’ll admit I have and maybe, possibly right now (aka: I am 100% doing this) am guilty of the comparing complex. I feel like I can’t help it, in the past most of the guys I dated have had pretty evident flaws that I was aware of from the beginning. What I’ve learned lately is that it is difficult to view potential dates/suitors (fun word) impartially when they try to step into someone’s shoes who I seem to hold in my head as larger than life. Here’s where Mr. Emo and I differ – he continued on with his relationships knowing “they just were not good enough” and I immediately shut down my prospects because the minute I find something that I perceive as “not good enough” it’s game over. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, immediately go to jail.

LIFE LESSON: Never date someone who you can’t immediately identify their flaws. (Kidding…kind of).

Next up on important life issues for me – when did the CW become a power player in the land of TV networks? Shut the front door CW, you are awesome. Over the past few seasons my respect for you has grown, you have gone from a guily pleasure that I shared with no one to an open guilty pleasure to a serious contendor for my heart when it comes to TV networks. Naturally there was ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) then there was Search for the next Pussycat Doll, and then Gossip Girl for which I really felt was the CW’s breakthrough point for me and now, yes ladies and gentleman – 90210. I could probably write whole blogs about GG and 90210 respectively…but I will just note this (FOR NOW) that my parents did not allow me to watch 90210 as a kid – and really, nice call Mr. and Mrs. Dub because when that show was on I was too young for that content – none the less I went the geek route and read any and all 90210 books I could get my hands on – and yes, there were books so now that the spin-off is on and I am of an appropriate age I am all about it. Frankly, I think it was the exclusion of these angsty cheap dramas as a youth that have fueled my love of them now.

LIFE LESSON: What ever thing is forbidden from a young girl it can be a sure bet that the forbidden will automatically triple the demand and or affection associated with it. You always want what you can’t have – boys, keep that in mind for when you are parenting your daughters one day or looking after your little sisters.

I recently moved apartments. I needed a change of pace – and I seem to really need to move sometimes when I am going through life transitions. Last time I moved I was ready to move jobs, moving on from a bad “relationship”, changing my hair style and generally just mixing things up a bit. I can’t say this move was not in some ways the same. I’m keeping the job part for some stability this go round. The move was also a great excuse to clean and in many ways purge my existence. I did a LOT of cleaning – cleaning out of clothes, cleaning out and organizing of mementos that I now know are important to hang on to and a clarifying of what needs to be tossed out. The dorm was a great place for that wild and crazy single girl portion of my life – it was a great location and probably too close to downtown bars some might say based on the shenanigans that went on, but I never really felt like it was home. The new place really does feel from the start more like “me” – so we’ll see what new adventures take place here.

LIFE LESSON: It’s good to regularly take stock of your life/belongings/existence and clean/evaluate – great way to gain some perspective.

Finally, since I know this was a long one – thanks for sticking it out BTW, is The Sox Fan is coaching high school boys soccer once again this season. I went to a game last season in which his team played a school in their league who is quite good. I went to the game and they teams tied, this I hear hadn’t happened since well I was in jr. high school. The Sox Fan’s boys had their first game last night against a state champion school and his team won…in a shut out. Since I was in attendance I think it’s related to me being a good luck charm…we will see as the season continues.

LIFE LESSON: It can be awkward to be in your mid-twenties at a high school sports game – but when the young boys in the stands start asking you what school you go to it’s easiest to just cut to the chase – I’m a friend of one of the coaches, I don’t go to your school or the other team’s school – plus you make the coach look cool.


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  1. Blondie September 5, 2008 at 10:59 am #

    Loved the blog BF. Um… we need to catch up BAD. Also, you should know the best part for me may have been when I scrolled down and saw again ‘That kitten is so vierd’. Oh my day is better! TGIF.

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