Two of my Favorite Things – September

9 Sep

Welcome to my new segment Blank of my Favorite Things – Insert Current Month Here.

I know it’s early but I’m pretty sure these items would make the list at the end of the month – since they are after all two of my all time favorite things: College Football and Britney Spears. Yeah, you heard me.

We’ll start with one of my life loves and another reason (one of many) as to why I love fall – it’s the college football season and nothing makes me happier than sunshine filled, crisp wind gust Saturday’s and college games. My team is of course the mighty University of Oregon Ducks. I’ll cheer for whoever is playing against UW and OSU and well, really, I’m not one of those people who tries to support other Pac-10 teams – my back up team is the University of Texas Longhorns. Other than that, I’m pretty fair weather and it’s my firm belief that true fans have one, maybe two teams they support – none of this fav team per conference business. I’m not having that.

So far my Ducks are off to a great start – they played well and successfully dominated Jake Locker (he certainly was not all he was hyped up to be pre-game nor during) and I hope those FSN commentators got their hefty paychecks for their rate per Locker name mention – that has to be the reason they made any and every topic about that kid. Ducks defense is looking strong and Bellotti’s white facial hair does not appear to be hampering the chances of Duck domination as was evident in the Utah State game. It was like watching varsity scrimage with the freshman team – I love high scoring games like those and watching the Ducks climb up the polls. GO DUCKS.

The second of my favorite things: Britney and what better way to have the rest of society get on my bandwagon of Britney believers than to have her show up in shape, looking hot, being coherent, speaking clearly and soberly (new word) and cleaning house at MTV’s VMA’s. Which really should have been called the MTV Celebration to Restart Britney Spears’ Career.

Britney's BACK.

Britney's Back.

And guess what team. I don’t care. I love it. When Britney started into her downward spiral I was supportive. I mean I knew she wasn’t making great life decisions but I have found that sometimes you have to let people lead their lives and make mistakes – that is sometimes the only way they will learn. When the rumors started of a come back a couple years ago I wrote an open letter to Ms. Spears that included some helpful tips to get her on the right path – Mommy and Me classes for her and the kiddos, a trip to VS and use of the PINK line for some cute undergarments, sobriety…you know just a few helpful pointers.

But now, she looks better than ever and it gives me hope – because if that girl can turn her shaved head – umbrella swinging craziness around then what can’t the rest of us overcome.


One Response to “Two of my Favorite Things – September”

  1. Blondie September 11, 2008 at 12:20 pm #

    I kind of wanted to cry when reading the part about Britney. To those who scoffed before… who’s laughing now! Britney supporters for life unite! 🙂

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