Fabric Fiasco…Almost.

28 Sep

I had a bit of an awkward moment today involving myself, a fabric store and it’s geriatric employees. I probably should have known today was going to be an odd day when I woke up bright and early at 7:37am from a stange somewhat reoccuring dream. I tried to shake off the bad dream by finshing off my book from this week – that’s right – I read a book per week (which for the record is way above and beyond my 2008 goal to read one to two books per month – I’m currently at 24 on the year) and getting a head start on the day with errand running instead of Sweatpants Sunday.

Things started off easy enough with a trip to Storables for a jewelry organizer (don’t be a hater – and yes, I did need to clean, polish, sort and organize my jewelry). I had checked online to see what some of my options might be and to confirm that they did in fact have organizers that I would like. I really like the principal behind Storables but I think I am just too far into my geekness that today I really found that place overwhelming. I circled the jewelry organizer section (yes there is a section dedicated to these items) 3 times including picking up each item, comparing it along side other options, and finally just forced myself to grab the system that utilized the containing of the most items while using the smallest space.

After this stressful Storables experience I headed to a couple of my favorite jewlery boutiques and rewarded my hard work with some fantastic earrings. Yes, I validated myself with a gift – I’m considerate of myself that way. While it was a beautiful day downtown I resisted the urge to sit in the sun and consume gelato and powered on with my errand running – I visited my favorite bookstore and then was off to head to the suburbs for a fabric store adventure.

Yesterday I headed to a suburban chain fabric store with a very specific need in mind. I wanted to find a cotton of heavy knit (no flannel or fleece) black and white damask fabric for some apartment crafts. For those of you not in the know here is what damask looks like:

Yesterday’s fabric store adventure was unsuccessful but I wasn’t ready to give up. So today I headed to a bigger aka massive fabric store. While searching through the cottons I found a sales woman in her late 40’s and asked her to direct me to what is universally known as the aforementioned damask pattern. She informed me that she didn’t know what damask was – she then asked another woman who was in her late 50’s and she directed me to the apparel fabric section noting they would have what I was looking for. Awesome.

I head to apparel fabrics and while searching on my own for a bit I am once again not finding damask. So I suck it up once again and approach a sales woman who was probably in her late 70’s. She makes me repeat my request for black and white damask no less than 5 times. After the fifth time I have slowly and loudly mentioned my request she replies back with “DENIM?” – no, not denim. Damask – D-A-M-A-S-K. She then solicits help from a woman in her late 80’s with a nasty cold and sneezing fit (let’s hope it doesn’t turn to pneumonia because then I think she’s going to be in a bad state of affairs). This pair of golden girls say they don’t have damask but they have something close to the cloth in muslin. I try to explain that damask is a vintage french pattern not a certain heavy fabric. They seem confused or senial and say I should go to home fabrics because they might have something like that. Good lord.

I head to home fabrics and find a close “enough” fabric that should work. I’m frustrated that no one seems to be very helpful. I’m slightly panicky because I am in my mid-20’s and seem to know about fabric patterns than these women who were probably old enough to be french vintage. I’m just ready to get something and get out. Then I see it. There on the table of marked down small bold fabrics is the more white than black modern clean looking damask I have pictured in my mind. THANK GOODNESS. I head over to pick it up and a lovely gentleman finally asks me if he can help (mind you this is the first bit of employee driven customer service I have experienced) which he does by measuring out the remaining 2 and 5/6 yards of fabric for me and saying that while taking the last of the bolt would usually be 50% off this weekend is some sort of sale so my purchase will be 70% off.

Sweet vindication. I paid $11 for $37 worth of fabric which made me very happy. It didn’t really erase my poor experience with the sales women or the icky feeling that I am somehow an old fabric buying, craft making single spinster but it did make me smile in knowing that I will not have to venture into another fabric store for a while…


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