Organizational Overload

28 Sep

As I previously mentioned I recently moved apartments. Not a huge life move but just across town to a different neighborhood for a much needed change of pace. Probably the hardest things about moving for me is packing all my belongings up. It’s just so tedious and then of course there is my natural hyper organized personality that comes into play and I want to clean out, organize and sort everything by color, style, size, etc.

For this move I did do quite a bit of throwing out of items or organizing things in a logical way but I saved all the good stuff for the unpacking phase of my move. I should preface this with the note that I am intense about my organization. All of my books have been unpacked and shelfed alphabetically by author last name, all my TV show DVD’s have been sorted by show, season and then organized by the priority usage of my viewing, my shoes have been unpacked (80% still in the purchased boxes) and are sorted by style, then color. That’s not the half of it – all my clothes are in sorted bins by style (denim, sweatshirts, layering tank tops, t-shirts and PJ’s) then there is the matter of hanging clothes – all shirts sorted from sleeve length and at each length in color style. We won’t talk about my underwear or sock drawers…which I think are sorted in a highly functional way but some people find it to be “overwhelming” – whatever.

Anyway, this was the first move in which I really threw a lot out or bagged up a trunkful of clothes for Goodwill. I was really proud of myself for breaking through the threshold of my pack rat status. In the process I did happen to take more than one stroll down memory lane with findings from past relationships including some nice reminders that men in my life have been at times very thoughful and sweet – so I don’t always pick the wrong kinds of men. There were also some great finds from my days of international travel – really cool pictures from my adventures, postcards when I was collecting one from each location on my travel iteneray and also some previously missing jewelry which I was really excited about.

So after almost a month into my new place I still need to purchase a desk and home office furniture but once that is done the remaining couple boxes will be organized and out the door. I’ve been doing a lot of nesting as well, including for the first time in 3 years hanging pictures on the walls – big step people.

In a further attempt at nesting I have also visited a fabric store and will be venturing to Storables later today. Now don’t freak out – I’m not going to become some crazy quilter or anything – but I will have to venture back into crafts land to finsh one project for my dining room. Being a hyper organized geek I am actually suprisingly good at crafts – I think it’s the attention to detail and need for perfection.

In other news beyond the walls of my apartment I plan to blog everyday this week with the theme of life updates – Fall Focus. I haven’t fully planned out the 7 days of topics so I am open to suggestions (except 27 Dresses wedding blog – that’s a whole seperate topic that I still am having a hard time wrapping my mind around) so feel free to let me know what you want to hear about. Worst case scenario I blog about my daily routine.

I’m off to geek out at Storables – aka heaven for Type A organizational nerds – yours truly.


One Response to “Organizational Overload”

  1. 27 Dresses September 29, 2008 at 1:25 pm #

    hello Tamera is that you? Just kidding, LOVE the organization. I am still taking offense to you boycotting the wedding blog.
    p.s. 27 dresses is out on video!

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