Stranger Shenanigans

29 Sep

I should preface this next post with the following statement – I am a friendly person. I can in fact be quite charming around new people I meet. I would like to think I am personable and get along with a wide variety of people. But I have some issues when caught off guard that can cause me to throw all those great personality traits straight out the window. One being if you invade my personal space – never come inside this was a phrase one of The Plastics came up for me when we were on the road for work and a feisty engineer decided it would be a good idea to come behind the event registration desk, hover over me on my laptop and then take my mouse and drive on my laptop. I barely snuck out of the small opening before being smothered by this gentleman’s bubble bursting and no, it wasn’t The Sox Fan’s dad.

The other time my charming nature is threatened is when I am approached by aggressive strangers. Stranger Danger people – there is a reason that little rhyme was created and it’s not just so children remember it easily. It’s just a simple and informed life lesson.

Yesterday I was out picking up take out with my mother when I went to fill my cup with some iced tea. While waiting for the woman dancing to the latin beats to finish monopolizing the ice dispenser I was quiet and more than willing to let her finish getting her groove on before obtaining my tasty tea. I thought maybe she didn’t see me. But then she turned around and saw me and just kept on dancing slightly moving to the side so I could step up and get my ice. While I was minding my own business she said to no one in particular but I guess directly to me since I was the only person around her for 10 feet “This is so refreshing. It’s lemonade and sprite. Whatever you are getting you should forget it and get this.” I smiled politely in her direction and continued obtaining my ice still very much planning on getting my iced tea. She then proceeded to keep dancing – and then ask me “So, how’s your day going?” I told her it was going well, and returned the question over to her. Dancing Queen then noted “It’s going well – thank you so much for asking – so many people don’t ask that question back”. Once again I smiled politely while moving to the iced tea – to which she reminded me again about her revolutionary refreshing concoction. I told her “while that does sound quite refreshing I think I am going to stick with tea” to which she said “well that’s okay I guess”.

Seriously?!? I quickly grabbed a lid and straw and went briskly to my mother’s waiting table while our food was prepared informing her of my strange encounter. My lovely mother responded by giggling with my story and telling me “I guess you just seem like a friendly person – you know someone people just automatically feel comfortable with” I responded with an are you serious facial expression and the asterik to her statement that in fact it’s just that crazy pants people always want to talk to me – not normal people.

Fast Forward to this evening. I had to go to the library to return some books and pick up some CD’s I had reserved (yes, I use the library for all it’s forms of media entertainment). The library I frequent is very close to my workplace in what some might call “not the best part of town” or “the hood” but I like it because of it’s convenient location – I’m a practical person. In this part of town it’s not strange for people to wander directly into oncoming traffic and then glare at you with a look of disgust while you slam on your brakes to avoid hitting them. The dudes in this part of town are also VERY vocal in their commentary to women. There have been instances of people screaming over their loud stereos at stop lights to women on the sidewalk, the ever cool slow down and hitting on a girl while the man remains idling in his car while driving and of course, the sidewalk pedestrian to pedestrian come on.

While walking into the library this afternoon I was getting out of my car when a 20-something man proceeded to shout at top volume “DAMN GIRL, COME GET OVER HERE AND LET ME TALK TO YOU”. Uh, “no thanks” I said politely with a smile while I proceeded to walk in the exact opposite direction. “WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THAT…..ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I SEE HOW IT IS. YOU’RE A HOT ONE” were his parting words…thanks and nice try on the pick-up attempt. Clearly he didn’t know I am a huge geek because I was going into the LIBRARY.

In less than 5 minutes I was done inside the library and mentally preparing for the Shouting Suitor who I anticipated was still going to be outside. Thankfully, he wasn’t but while walking out of the library another 20-something gentleman in baggy shorts that were slung so low and wide they might as well have been full pants and patent leather multi color Air Force One’s with a plaid tall tee polo literally tipped his leather baseball hat at me (like straight out of a western movie) and smiled while saying “hey there beautiful, I just want you to know you look great today”. Really…really?!?! Thanks I noted with a smile and continued on my way.

I don’t know what it is about me but I guess stranger feel comfortable and compelled to speak to me. And frankly, I’m not totally okay with it. But I suppose it makes for some entertaining stories.

Stranger Danger is real people – start acknowledging it.


One Response to “Stranger Shenanigans”

  1. Blondie September 30, 2008 at 10:31 am #

    DAAAMMMMMNNNN GIRL! You’re sounding fly on your blog today.

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