Savvy 6, Part 4

30 Sep

After spending a large portion of my evening hot gluing items for my home and burning the tips of my fingers all creativity for an original blog topic has gone out the window. So here we go to an oldey, but a goody…the Savvy 6!

“She Says” – Howie Day
I went to see Howie Day once live at a smaller concert venue here in the City of Roses. I remember him being either really drunk or really stoned because he kind of floundered through his performance and we left early. But this was always one of the songs I really liked by him. I think I always thought of it as a song that I really think fits any boys perspective who ever dates me. I’m not super open and usually there are all sorts of various other meanings and layers to the things I do or say when I get frustrated while in relationships. Some might call it complex, and others might call it being a closed off pain; to each their own…but that might also explain why I am perpetually single…moving on…

“Big Me” – Foo Fighters
My real appreciation for the Foo Fighters came from when 2006 when I saw them at an awesome outdoor multi-band show called Bridge School at Shoreline in California. I’ll admit I never really liked Nirvana and therefore never really got interested into what the band mates did post-Kurt suicide. Then suddenly I was at an 8+ hour live rock concert and here I was listening to an accoustic version of Big Me with some awesome lady accompanying on the chorus and it was fantastic. So the only album of Foo Fighters I own is Skin and Bones, a live performance album with the same accoustic duet version. Check it out if you get a chance – it’s hands down 10 times better than the original album version.

“Black” – Pearl Jam
I suppose it wouldn’t be a Savvy 6 musical montage if there wasn’t some PJ on the list. Black is one of my favorite songs and I find it to be an insanely romantic love song. The lyrics are some of my favorite and everytime I have heard it performed it’s been this great experience with the audience screaming along – plus it has an epic verse of lyrics :

I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life, I know you’ll be a star
In somebody else’s sky, but why, why, why
Can’t it be, can’t it be mine

“Sophomore Slump of Come Back of the Year” – Fall Out Boy
Don’t judge me, this is from an older FOB album (before life was all US Weekly’s and Pete Wentz’s bad music content show on MTV and marriage to a Simpson girl). This is one of the best workout songs in my collection. Fantastic line “I need to keep you like this in my mind, so give in or just give up” – and while it’s not going to win any Grammy’s it has a fun beat and keeps me from staring at the clock in the gym watching the seconds slowly tick down on the treadmill. I’m a sucker for a good beat and cheap distraction.

“The Scientist” – Coldplay
When I was 17 years old I dated a guy (the aforementioned Mr. Emo) who had a friend from England who kept raving about this band from home. I was a huge music (i.e. snob) and always looking for new bands – he burned me a CD and I was hooked. A few months later the band had a small concert tour and were coming to play a tiny venue downtown so I dragged Mr. Emo out with me and stood front row through a concert where I not only became even more into Coldplay but also discovered Powderfinger (one of my top bands on the favorite and quality music scale). Within 6 months a song called “Yellow” hit the airwaves and the rest is history I suppose. I did manage to see Coldplay one additional time in a large venue right after Yellow was becoming a hit. Once again we were in the front row and the only reason it wasn’t as good was because they were without Powderfinger. The Scientist was one of a small handful of songs since the Parachutes album that I have really liked.

“Loving You” – Paolo Nutini
There is something fantastic about this song that leaves me always singing along without ever really meaning to. It’s just one of those songs and set of lyrics that makes all girls want to date a musician who will write songs for her and dedicate the live performance to her night after night on the road as well in the album liner notes…or maybe that’s just my dream…

And as you slide through the door
With your morals on your sleeve
I think it’s time for all those morals to leave

**Bonus track because this song came on as I was finishing this blog and I’m feeling extra generous…

“I have you to thank” – Gavin DeGraw
The first time I heard this song I had one person automatically come to mind…so consider this my version of an awesome dedication in the liner notes of the bloggingsphere:

I have you to thank for making me so
So hard to please because you treated me so good


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