Fall is my Favorite

1 Oct

Since fall starts so late in September I always look to October 1 to be my real notice that fall is upon us. Let me make one note to the previous statement, if cold weather sets on right after the start of fall I have no problem busting out my fabulous fall clothes (most likely acquired at my hands down favorite summer sale – Nordstrom Anniversary because even though Anniversary Sale is in late July the sale is for brand new FALL clothes people and are not to be worn until the official start of fall).

So now it’s October 1 and while the weather is still nice enough that I can rock open toed shoes, cropped pants and short sleeves I am indeed excited for cooler temps and the natural layering and bundling that comes with the changing of the leaves and smell of pumpkin spice which brings me to another of my fall favs…the pumpkin spice latte.

Back when I was a full fledged coffee addict the release of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks was a glorious day. I would go multiple days a week with my trusty grande, non-fat, 2 pump pumpkin spice latte with no whipped cream making my mornings or lunch breaks that much more fall festive. However, after becoming so deep into my love affair with coffee that I suffered headaches when I didn’t get my caffeine fix and started feeling like the acid was eating a whole directly through my intestinal track we broke up. In the beginning it was hard and like most break ups we had a few relapses, there was one particular work event this spring that basically led (read: violently shoved) me straight back into coffee’s (and sugar free Red Bull’s) waiting and open arms but with the exception of a few small episodes coffee and I are done-zo.

But we might need to have a small fling for some pumpkin spice lovin’ this week because as the cooler temps start to set in (according to the weatherman) all I can think about during my morning routine is how tasty and delicious they are.

The other great part about fall is naturally one of my true loves: college football. Specifically, the Oregon Ducks, and while there was a small incident two weeks ago with Team Smurf Turf the boys in green and yellow played well last week and I of course will always be a loyal Duck girl.

Last but certainly not least is MLB Playoffs. The Red Sox are back in the ALDS playoffs and I am making my life event schedule basically centered around game schedules and the availability of TBS for my viewing pleasure. This of course means I get a few more weeks to stare at my boyfriend Jason Varitek (uber hot people) and my future husband Jon Lester.

Jason Varitek

Jason Varitek

Jon Lester

Jon Lester

Future husband you say? How can you know you two are meant to be together? Well here’s the deal people – we are both cancer survivors, he pitched a no-hitter, I think no-hitters are awesome, I think he’s cute, I’m super adorable, he has Japanese team mates, my mom is Japanese, I love me some Red Sox (and Wally), he obviously is big fan of his team, and ultimately I support his passion for baseball and we’re closer in age range that Lance Armstrong and I so basically those facts boil down to the fact that we are soul mates.*

*Please note I know in the past I have said Lance and I were soul mates – but then he dated an Olsen twin and it pretty much tainted my interest in him. Although, Lance if you are reading this I would not be opposed to go on a date with you and I need to get fitted for a road bike soon so feel free to help me out with that.

In closing – cheers to fall and all it’s awesome autumn glory.


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