Itemized Thursday

2 Oct

As many of you know or can tell by my previous blog entries and clean lined design I am a hyper organized geek. I’m okay with it, I see no negative conotations to being so ahead of the curve in my organizational and orderly ways. Today was a really crazypants day at the workplace and no joke, I think I made no less than 10 lists (4 of one for deliverables on one pitch – which is a new record for one’s days list making on one job).

Anywho, here’s my odd/entertaning/blog-worthy life updates today (in list form):

1. I broke down and had a pumpkin spice latte. Afer blogging about it last night I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I had some terrible sleep last night (or lack there of). Whenever I am having anger or frustration with people who are close to me for some reason if it’s not resolved by the time I head to bed it destroys any chance I have at solid sleep.

2. I had a vendor meeting for lunch today and she right before we were to receive our lunches asked me if I was single. And then proceeded to start telling me about her neighbor who is RETIRING from the Army, rides a Harley…oh, and is 42. Yeah, that’s a no go for me. To which she then suggested maybe I would want to try an online dating service – she’s had friends with lots of success on it. To her credit, she is a great person and we get along really well so she’s not some crazy lady – I just found her suggestions for me a little off base…and hillarious.

3. Appropriately sexy. I work with a lot of dudes at my job and we have a great time sending around LoL cats, political LoLs and talking about sports. They are a ton of fun to be around and in reviewing the office dress code which was reminded to us all in a general way since there have been some abuses of the “casual dress code” – i.e. casual in a work setting should not include sweat pants. And believe me, I love me some sweat pants but not at the office or anywhere in which a client would be or meeting with someone. I digress. Where were we….of yes, so part of the dress code is to not be innapropriately sexy, revealing, etc. So one of my favorite running commentary with the dudes today was to keep things not innapropriately sexy but appropriatley sexy…it’s a gray area but we’re all working through it together.


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