20 Oct

That’s the best way to summarize me in general today. 

In the middle of last week I was feeling congested and ended up going home early from work to wear sweats and get poor, restless sleep. You know the kind – where you’re hot, then you’re cold, you’re passed out then you’ve slept too long and are wide awake. Ugh.

I ended up powering through the work week since I was starting a new contracted event for a client and had meetings I couldn’t re-schedule. I headed over to my mom’s house to take advantage of her large tupperware for making the largest batch of pasta salad ever made. It also allowed me to spend time with her since my father is gone hunting big animals. 

I took Friday off and some girlfriends and I headed West for a girl’s weekend at the beach. I brought two books (finished one and started the other), only packed sweatpants, sweatshirts, Uggs and flip flops and relaxed in some fantastic beach weather with some of my favorite ladies. We made big group dinners and sat around the table like a flashback to our formal Monday night dinners at the chapter house. We played card and board games, shared a ton of laughs and just caught up which is always nice to do since we all lead hectic busy lives.

After a fun 3 days I headed home and straight into a day of back to back meetings for my aforementioned contract event for a client. There is nothing like a long day of meetings where you actually have to be awake, alert, charming and witty after a relaxing weekend to make you feel really drained. Ugh.

So here I am, rocking sweat pants, catching up on TV shows and preparing to call it an early night while making progress on my latest book. I know I’m a geek – but sometimes you really need a low key night to counter balance a hectic night.

*Don’t worry friends – I have floor seats to a rock concert tomorrow night so I’ll be back to my standard awesome less lethargic form soon. 🙂 Boo yah to live music shows!


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