The Return of the JDub Rock Concert Series: KoL

22 Oct

Have you ever thought of how you would describe yourself if limited to only a few facts? Things that make you unique beyond your height, age or eye color? I’d like to think that if ever pressed to describe myself I would go beyond those basic descriptors and list things like “incredible memory for memorizing song lyrics”, “great ability to mix classic and trend fashions” or “entertaining in an unforgettable manner from storytelling to comedic commentary”. But one of the major things that makes me unique is my near obsession with live music and rock concerts.

I have a lot of theories about bands in seeing them live and listening to their studio produced albums and just really enjoy the vibe that live music provides. I love seeing a crowd yelling back the song lyrics to a band. Plus, live shows ALWAYS provide outstanding people watching.

I used to go to a lot of concerts back in the day – some of my favs did include travel to distant locations which can ruin the enjoyment with all that driving or flying but they also can lead to some great adventures. Recently, my concert going had diminished for a number of reasons but when I heard Kings of Leon (KoL) was coming to my town I was all about it. I lucked out and snagged some incredible tickets – floor seats about 6 rows from the stage – seriously, great seats.

My friend Mego and I hit up a near-by dive bar (the VC – which might also become one of my new favorite things) for some political banter, cocktails and delicious fried potato goodness. While swinging by the Will Call window the woman asked if I was Mrs. Dub’s daughter – must have been my really uncommon last name that gave me away – but she also did comment that I look like my mom…not something I hear everyday but I think Mrs. Dub is adorable so I took it as a compliment. Small world.

Once at the show Mego and I partook in some additional beverages in which I ended up double fisting white wine due to a miscommunication with the bartender. Whatevs. We met up with some other friends, Bunny and her fiance, and enjoyed the people watching (love people watching). This concerts audience was like a walking Urban Outfitters ad – and there were more styles of skinny jeans/cords/khakis/pants than I even knew was possible. Kids, don’t wear skinny jeans – they are just bad. B-A-D.

When we headed into our seats we realized not only were they super close to the stage but they were also in a row of only 6 people. In a concert venue that only holds 2,776 that is pretty damn nice. No awkward climbing over people or being climbed over for bathroom breaks. However once the show was underway, KoL opened with “Sex on Fire” (an awesome choice and great song in general) did we realize the 4 other people in our row were former co-workers of ours from The Former Company. And not just any 4 people at this small company but they were all higher ups, these were our bosses bosses. Yeah. Holy crap – out of 2,776 people we are seated with these guys?!?! What are the odds?

Since Mego and I both no longer work there are left within a few months of each other we weren’t sure if they would say anything to us. They did. It was surreal to say the least. We may or may not have become contact high from one person near us in particular. And it was WEIRD.

KoL put on a great show – they passed my live music test and while no fan broke down into hysterical tears like It’s Pat from The Killers show circa Spring 2007 it was still a great crowd. My review: great band, solid show, if they come to your town check them out. 

*Thanks Mego for a great concert going experience. And for not wearing skinny jeans.

I finally remembered my fancy phone has a camera so here are some shots:

KoL Stage

KoL Stage



KoL Encore

KoL Encore


One Response to “The Return of the JDub Rock Concert Series: KoL”

  1. mego October 23, 2008 at 9:27 pm #

    If you think I own something as trendy as skinny jeans, you are sorely mistaken. And I will hit up rock concerts and dive bars with you any day, lady.

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