I Heart Hulu

24 Oct

I’m not really a warm and fuzzy lovey dovey sort of lady. Don’t get me wrong – when I like you or like something I’m very open about it and there is an elite group of people who have seen the sweet nurturing loving JDub – it does exist people.

Anywho, since I spend a large portion of each work day in front of my shiny (literally) iMac I often come across or am informed about magical things to be found on the Intrawebs. Here’s one of my newest favs: HULU!

For those of you who haven’t discovered this it’s like YouTube x 10 + iTunes + all your favorite TV networks COMBINED. I believe NBC and a few other companies ponied up the money for it and while there are a few ads you can watch TV programs and movies for FREE! Free is a great price and there is constantly new programming added.

PLUS, there is no crappy ‘I shot this TV show using my crappy camcorder from my couch while my dog barked and my roommate talked on the phone noises in the background”. When you want to watch SNL clips you are getting the real deal – high quality FREE clips!

I haven’t had the time with this crazy work week I had to get lots of time in on hulu but from what I have seen I am a big fan. Check it out!


One Response to “I Heart Hulu”

  1. Cavenger November 1, 2008 at 6:52 pm #

    They suck. We’re better hulahoop and other services have Hawaii 5-0, I mean, who watches that? We have Entourage, The Hills, and everything else – you know, shows people actually watch.


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