Vote Yellow

27 Oct

Yep, it appears to be that time of the year and guess what, in case you were unaware it’s an election year. I’ve got my personal beliefs, my candidates that I support in various levels of government and my hot button issues. If you really want to know you can inquire, I don’t mind sharing and discussing politics with people who do honestly want to learn more about why others feel the way they do and what their reasoning’s are for how they vote. What I am not a fan of is when people decide to get all preachy on me and try to convert or recruit me to their school of thought. I’m just really not down with being yelled at or verbally bombarded with your beliefs and ideas on why I am wrong.

With that being said I’ve made a point not to blog about my political views. In fact the only other blog posting I have done regarding politics was a bi-partisan Be Like Julie piece which was only regarding getting registered to vote so that your voice can be heard. Voting is a wonderful right Americans have.

However, there is one political sentiment I want to write about: Vote Yellow. Being a cancer survivor I naturally have strong beliefs regarding cancer research and health care. The LiveSTRONG Foundation is one of my favorite causes and Lance Armstrong is one of my favorite athlete/celebrities/famous personalities for the work he has done to bring massive amounts of attention and fundraising dollars to the cancer fight. Vote Yellow’s site allows you to learn more about the headway being made in cancer research funding. On their site you can read both presidential candidates written plans for addressing cancer research within their platform.

I don’t think I can say that I know a person who’s live has not been impacted by cancer. This is a serious threat to lives that does not discriminate on age, socio-economic background, race, religion, lifestyle, etc. Knowing that it is possible to develop treatment plans that could cure or prevent cancer is something we should all support – at least that’s my opinion and another reason why I support Vote Yellow.

Here’s a clip detailing both Obama and McCain’s short responses to an inquiry from Lance Armstrong regarding their thoughts on the importance of cancer research, some astounding facts about the impact cancer has on Americans and their stance regarding making cancer a national priority.

The only thing worse than not voting at all is casting an uneducated vote.

Get out there, cast your ballot and remember to Vote Yellow.

Vote Yellow

Vote Yellow


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