The Next 4 Years

11 Nov

I had a large client event last week that really kept me out of commission from the blogging world and while on blogging vacation some exciting things happened.

1st: Halloween. I didn’t actually go out and celebrate Halloween this year because I was so freaking tired from working a dress rehearsal all day that I went out to my parent’s house and had dinner, handed out candy to children and spent time unwrapping candy for my 3 year old cousin to eat in her princess costume. Pretty lively.

2nd: Barack Obama was elected the next President of the USA. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t like to push my political views on people but I have to say I am excited. Plus, as a bonus, any man who does knuckle taps with his wife and wants to adopt shelter dogs is a man I can support.

Obama = Awesome

Speaking of the Obama’s dog adoption search – I often spend time seeking out adorable puppies to mentally adopt and if Obama needs assistance I can help with the search and procurement plan.

On Election Night I went to a rock concert – the details of which will be my next post – and it was definitely a night I won’t soon forget.


One Response to “The Next 4 Years”

  1. Blondie November 14, 2008 at 9:08 am #

    Pretty sure this is the most badass Obama pic I’ve ever seen. It look like a scene from a movie! Cue music.

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