The Return of the JDub Rock Concert Series: Local H and Electric Six

21 Nov

Holy geez this blog is overdue. And I will be honest this was such a fun time I wanted to make sure and blog about it but what’s really motivating me getting this done are the other fine occurances that have happened lately that are blog worthy. PLUS with the holidays approaching the people watching and shenanigans can only get better. Boo yah. So, without further ado the Election Day 2008 Rock Concert Ballyhoo.

November 4, 2008 – Election Day. I lucked out in the fact that I was getting ready to go out I was able to watch some of the returns come in and literally as I was getting my sweater and gathering my keys NBC declared Barack Obama the President Elect. Even though it was a few minutes before 8pm on the West Coast and the polls were still technically open in my home state it was cool to have the whole shebang called and sealed so early. It made me have faith in people taking the ideals of democracy to heart and being politically active. So even though some might say their votes didn’t count at all I still as strongly believe in the importance of voting.

I feel as though it’s important to provide some background on the two bands in which I was willing to forgo fantastic election day returns parties for. Local H is a two man rock band with awesome songs like: All Right (oh yeah) and High-Fiving MF – this is one of my personal favorites. While you might think two dudes can’t rock they are one of the LOUDEST bands I have ever heard. And since this show was in a small venue downtown I was pretty pumped to rock out. Electric Six it seems more people have heard of, some of my favorites include: Danger! High Voltage (fans of Charlie’s Angels the movies will be familiar with this one), Synthesizer, I’m the Bomb, and I Invented the Night. Separately both of these bands would be great but having one night with them together in a really small bar venue downtown = fantastic.

So Obama is declared the winner, we get downtown to the show and before the car is even fully parked there goes a streaker through Old Town. “Hanging Loose for Obama” was body painted (or Sharpie markered) on this dude and let me just say this, it was a cold night so that was one brave man.

Shots were taken (I forgot how much I missed Jaeger Bombs apparently), cocktails were had, acceptance speeches were delivered and I’ve never high fived so many hippies in my life. And I went to college in a hippie town people. My favorite sentiment that accompanied a high five was “We WON! Our team Won!” – clearly politics for hippies are like normal people’s sports. At least that guy didn’t seem like he was much of an avid sports fan so I assume this was his World Series/National Title/Superbowl. Whatever. *High Five.

After pounding through rounds 1 & 2 of drinks (back to back mind you) we were off to the concert venue which since it was 21+ had TWO bars. No lines and magical multiple bartenders. The opening band was on stage and even though they were first disregarded while we straight bee-lined for the bar to enjoy some tequila shots I later watched them for a while and while I wasn’t really into their music I was very much interested in watching this tall, broad women in a suede fringe trim coat dance directly in front of the stage.

I should also take a time out to note the stage was about 3′ elevated from the floor and the audience can stand directly against it. Awesome front row rock out availability. (Que music for foreshadowing).

So this woman was dancing and missing from the back of her coat was one section of fringe…about 5″ long. It was like someone came up behind her and trimmed it straight off…very strange. Her hippie dancing continued and then when the band ended their set she turned around and BAM – it’s a man. A MAN. Totally threw me – so while my mind was blown I went back to the bar for another drink…logical next steps.

Local H comes on and ROCKS. At this point we have gone from observing in the back to immediate front row stage right. Right in front of the lead singer. He starts his set by cracking the top on this bottle:

Patriotic Maker's Mark

In between swigs from the bottle he shared his enthusiasm for President Elect Obama and I would categorize it as “disdain” for President Bush. While normally I don’t like people pushing their values on me I realize it’s election night, and you’re drinking straight from a fifth while playing rock music so game on dude.

After an awesome set by Local H it was time for Electric Six. At this point yes, I was rocking out at full force which may or may not have included screaming song lyrics. Maybe. At one point I look over and realize the Local H guy is stranding about 3 people away from me still drinking directly from his Makers Mark bottle. My level of respect for that guy is high. Then suddenly he pops up on stage with Electric Six. Local H man is passing his fifth around and making all the guys in Electric Six take pulls. Bold moves sir.

Then I realize Local H guy is looking at me. I mean I am directly in front of him…and he is literally 10″ from me. Then it’s the showdown. Local H guy hands me the bottle. Game on sir. You clearly don’t know who you are challenging. Yes, there was a bit of pass the bottle and it did add a whole new element to my Election Night concert experience. I have to say in this day and age where rock concert venues are larger than ever and it seems like you never have those cool hang out with the band moments this made me even fonder of the small bar concert venue.

I highly recommend both bands if you ever get the chance to see them. Here’s some shots from my fancy phone – disregard their off kilter status…that’s totally the phone’s fault…not at all the operator. 🙂

Electric Six on Stage

Electric Six on Stage

Electric Six Mid-Song

Electric Six Mid-Song


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