My 2008

4 Dec

While I am sure I will have a more in-depth review closer to the actual end of 2008, I wanted to make something representative of my ’08.

If you can figure what each image represents I will purchase for you one of the following per your request:

  1. Cocktail
  2. SkinniDip (largest size – 3 toppings) and yes, I am talking to you, Blondie
  3. Dessert

Those should summarize all requests from my friend groups.

The 2008 JDub Mosaic

The 2008 JDub Mosaic


2 Responses to “My 2008”

  1. mego December 4, 2008 at 6:19 pm #

    My best guesses:

    1. I have no idea. Moving back to the West side?
    2. Library card! Changing lives every day…
    3. New apartment!
    4. Read This!… Or don’t.
    5. Rock Concert Series
    6. Jack Dog. What a guy.
    7. Terrorist fist jab marks halfway point of most awesome run for president ever. Love Mrs. O!
    8. Go Ducks! The Civil War was amazing.
    9. Rockin’ the single life like the sexy lady you are!
    10. LOLcats. That is all.
    11. No clue. Cool photo, though.
    12. Panda-monium.

  2. JDub December 11, 2008 at 9:26 pm #

    Congrats to Mego – the proud winner of some SkinniDip – who won by default and also did a pretty damn good job.

    1. The Eastbank Esplanade – a summer ’08 hot spot.
    2. Library Card
    3. Moving (to my new apartment)
    4. Read This…or Don’t…best book club ever made and is celebrating its first successful year!
    5. Rock Concerts – mostly my return to the live music scene and the JW Rock Concert Series.
    6. RIP Black Jack Ducker
    7. OBAMA – and his awesome wife and knuckle taps
    8. Another year of great Duck football. Don’t forget it Beaver fans!
    9. Girls Nights and Trips/Great Girlfriends
    10. LoL cats.
    11. Bangs. Love me some bangs.
    12. Pandas.

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