You know I am sick when…

6 Dec

*Disclaimer: Even though this post is being put up on 12/6 it was in fact written on 12/5. There were some technical difficulties getting this up on the interwebs. Mainly that I may or may not “share” my internet connection with other people living in my building and their…I mean “our” connection was having issues literally all day/night.

I am a person who does not take drugs. Illegal ones. Prescription ones. Over the counter ones. No drugs for me. Part of it stems from knowing that everything you ingest must be processed through your kidneys and liver and since my previous health issues have put those guys through hell and back I try and give them as much vacation from drug processing as possible. Well that and I would rather just let them process food and allow their hard work to go towards morning after drinking nights.

Anywho, when I get sick I get whiny. Naturally, I don’t think this would be a new phenomenon to anyone. But every time I get all achy and sick and whine the first thing The Sox Fan says to me is “Did you take anything for it/You should take some meds/Go take some drugs”. 

I try my best to hold out, ride through the pain and congestion but staring down the barrel of another night of stuffy headed, throbbing eye ball, mind blowing head pain I just went for it. I took 2 Tylenol Cold pills before bed and while it did make me feel a bit fuzzy and wobbly in the brain region I think it will be for the best.

So I caved into the man. I took the drugs. Here’s hoping for the best…and that I don’t become an addict.


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