All You Need

10 Dec

My dad once told me (while growing up and now it seems more frequently) that all a girl really needs is her daddy. Mr. Dub is a straight shooter. He’s a guy’s guy. He loves sports, hunting, camping, being outdoors, wearing camo, having a garage full of guns/4 wheelers/ fishing equipment/antlers/crab traps…you get the idea. Well he also is a man who grew up with 3 sisters, married a woman who only was the baby of 3 girls and ended up having 1 kid – another lady in his life. I should mention that while I also love the outdoors, sports and whiskey drinking my mom and I are also very girly – we buy way too many shoes, we shop…A LOT, we love purses and well he just generally puts up with a lot in a female dominated household.

Mr. Dub has always told me the only man I can always count on is him – and to his wise credit he has so far been correct. He’s also told me that all guys are scum some other related man love life advice that I wouldn’t say he’s been 100% accurate about but the man certainly hasn’t been totally wrong. I think what my dad left out of his statement are that besides a girl’s dad and a fab mom there are other people you can in fact always count on – your girlfriends!

Granted everyone has had their fair share of girlfriends gone bad. So disregard those speed bumps in the friendship road. I’m lucky to have a great bestie who I’ve grown up, great sorority sisters, fabulous college made girlfriends, and amazing former The Company ladies. Last night I had a great time laughing, gossiping and enjoying some down time with two great girlfriends. Tonight I have dinner plans with my ladies and I have literally been looking forward to it for a solid week. During a fast paced email conversation with one of my busiest friends her excitement over a recent date I went on literally made me all giddy – more so than I actually had been at the time of the aforementioned date. I had a long gmail chat with my doppelganger/life twin who lives on the East Coast and even though we don’t talk every week or even every month it’s like nothing has changed. We just jump in and catch up and it’s like no time has passed at all. I love that.

The holidays can be a tough time on single girls – trust me – but there’s something reassuring about having great girlfriends to fill your calendar for date nights, parties and movie marathons. So yes, I can always count on my dad (and my mom) but luckily I know I have great girlfriends there for me as well.


2 Responses to “All You Need”

  1. mego December 23, 2008 at 3:23 pm #

    As a wise woman once said, “Four hours with the Plastics at happy hour is all you need.”

    đŸ™‚ M


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