Holiday Party Weekend | Preview

12 Dec

We all know weekends in December get crazy and this weekend is my official start of party craziness. I have parties, gift exchanges, dinners, charity events, etc from here until the 26th. I like being busy so this is a good thing but with the blustery storm weather outside I’m not feeling so pumped about getting dressed up, hair straightened, make up on only to then be tossed around like a rag doll in the sideways rain and wind.

In honor of my official holiday party shenanigans this weekend – 4 parties in the next 2 days – I am taking the opportunity to do some inner soul searching this evening. Which really just means I will be wearing sweat pants the minute I get home, turning up the heat to high, feasting on munchie snacks, doing my nails, writing all my Christmas cards (gotta get them out this weekend – personal goal) and watching back to back Christian Bale Batman movies with some of my favorite ladies. I can literally hardly wait.

It seems like all week I’ve been in a gloomy grey weathered haze so I think this downtime will be just what the doctor ordered. I know this blog is all over the place so let me leave you with this to just complete the rambling random of this post:

Invisible Pants

Invisible Pants

Oh, and don’t worry blogging friends – my next few days will be reports/reviews of holiday greatness or failure as I experience partying 2008 style. Blondie and I have quite the day tomorrow – happy hour birthday celebration, red bull chugging and primiping, holiday party bonanza and another birthday celebration that shall include christmas light viewing, more red bull chugging and LOTS of hair flipping dance offs.


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