Snow Bonanza

14 Dec

While I had fully anticipated that today’s blog posting would be a full recap of my birthday and holiday party going shenanigans the bigger story in my life would be the “Arctic Blast” that has hit and crippled Portland. I now live at the top of one of the downtown areas largest hills which is famous for being the site of all live newscasts when the metropolitan area is on snow watch.

Oh wait, not only do I live at the top of this famous West Hills area but my complex is at the top of a straight, steep hill. So basically long story short is that I will be locked in my home for the next couple days. 

Today the snow started at 8:30am (at least this was the point in which my phone started ringing bringing the weather update from down on 26 and an interesting offer to move in to someone else’s apartment at a slightly yet still West Hills elevation apartment). The snow was coming down heavily and continuously until around 3-4pm. So there is currently about 4 inches or so of snow blanketing my entire visual world. 

I pretty much just took in the snow day for what it is intended to be – a reason to go no where, do nothing and interact with as few people as possible. I wore a college broken in hoodie and sweatpants, watched all my DVR’d shows from last week, made a big dinner, ran the dishwasher to make sure water was flowing through the pipes, dorked out on the internet, started a new book and watched my favorite movie of all time. 

My work declared tomorrow a snow day so I plan on working from my home office (read: couch) and doing a lot of the same as noted above. The major to-do’s for tomorrow include dropping off my Christmas cards in the mailbox – p.s. good luck USPS getting up and down that driveway to my complex and emptying the dishwasher. Yes, I did save unloading the dishwasher for tomorrow so I actually have something to do. 

I’ll also probably bundle up and try and get out for a walk – I don’t want to turn into one of the cabin fever nut jobs. Because I unlike other people enjoy me some nature. I just hope the high wind gusts and wind chill that is dropping temps in town to the teens lets up a bit tomorrow. 

Fingers crossed.


One Response to “Snow Bonanza”

  1. Bird Legs December 16, 2008 at 9:33 am #

    Favorite movie of all time? Do tell

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