Snow Bonanza | Day 2

15 Dec

Around 10:30am I started to lose it. I was so anxious even watching episodes of one of my favorite shows on DVD couldn’t keep my full attention so I unloaded the dishwasher and took my mail to the mailbox – which if you read my last post was all that I had to do on my official list. 

After both those strenuous tasks were completed I bundled up in as many layers as I could without looking like some sort of rotund oompa loompa and hit the streets. Once I successfully made it down my hill driveway – which for the record is all compacted ice and snow and very steep – I took this photo for evidence that I am in fact legitimately stranded up top:


Hill of Captivity

Hill of Captivity

At the bottom of the hill right around that sharp bend there is a median and then pretty much a line on both sides of the street for the next 1/4 of a mile of either cars that have been down there since pre-snowfall or have been left down there by my neighbors as they hiked back up the hill. The streets leading to my nearest freeway on-ramps were all packed snow and ice with some light gravel nearing the actual on-ramps. 

 I successfully made it out of my complex to a nearby coffee shop for a seasonal indulgence of a beverage, some interaction with other people so I don’t become stir crazy and start talking to my stuffed animal dog and then I made it safely back to my complex – a round trip of about 1.5 miles without falling down! Yay!

The rest of my day consisted of mostly vegging out, more sweats and DVD watching. Tomorrow I will actually venture into downtown although I don’t think it’s safe to be driving and I am too freaked out of the idea of hitting someone else with my car or being hit so I am going to walk the 1 mile to the bus stop and then spend the next hour or so getting into work on city transportation – should be an adventure. 

Here’s some pics of snow accumulation on my car and one piece of evidence of my trip into the elements!


Hood of my car

Hood of my car

Front of my car

Front of my car

Evidence of the adventure

Evidence of the adventure


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