The Great Escape | Snow & Ice Edition

17 Dec

*Disclaimer: I did in fact write this once again on the actual day of the event but somewhere between the low temps and borrowed internet it did not post up correctly last night.

After two days of being trapped in my apartment with one short jaunt to the coffee shop falling down free under my belt I analyzed a number of various options for my departure from my complex with the ultimate end game being 1. work and 2. replenishment of my food supply since allegedly there was to be another big snow and freezing rain storm setting in.

Ultimately I decided that my driveway – while getting clearer – was really at this stage just a huge sheet of ice covered lightly in traction like snowfall and that while I probably could get down it safely getting back up would be tricky and that if I hit another car or damaged my own I would be really angry. So in an effort to be better safe than sorry I looked up the bus schedule and luckily for me my dad – the only man I can count on – is retired, drives a big 4 wheel drive truck, and has free time to pick up his favorite (read: only) child from work, take her grocery shopping and then sit in rush hour and drive her across town to her apartment. 

As I went to bed I was really anxious – I wanted to make sure I alloted enough time to get up in the morning and get ready, including saving time for a complete blowing dry of my hair opportunity since I figured walking outside to the bus stop with wet hair in 20 degree temps was a bad idea. I also stayed up late finishing watching a movie and making sure I packed all my items in my backpack for my trek into the city – which needed to include library books to return, re-usable grocery bags, alternate shoes from my rain boots and work supplies/personal items. I also went to bed with the heat in my room on which until this snow storm I had yet to use and didn’t anticipate how LOUD the heater was. 

After getting ready I bundled up and headed out for the mile walk to the bus stop. Yep – a mile. Along the way I didn’t fall, was offered a ride to school from some nice lady – too bad the school by my house is a middle school – and made another stop at the coffee shop. Sidebar: this snow storm is making me go back to coffee – it’s either the coffee shop or the gas station as close by destinations to my apartment. I made it to the bus stop even with the stop for coffee with time to spare so after standing still in the cold for another 20 minutes post mile walk I was pretty cold.

The first – that’s right it would take 2 buses to get me to my office – bus ride was uneventful. The driver was nice and no major creepers were detected. The second bus was the one I rode for much longer and I came into contact with at least 2 men who were still drunk from the night before I assume, 1 man who smelled like he had been chain smoking for a week in a small enclosed space and had not worried to change clothes…at all, 3-4 gangster wanna-be’s and well you get the idea – but after leaving my home at 7:50am I successfully arrived at work at 9:30am!

I have to say it was nice to break out of the hillside snow madness and interact with people – especially on ground that was not icy or snowy. Further more after this new exercise in using the bus system of my fair town I have to say it’s something I might consider doing again. Most likely the weather would need to be better and of course I would have to not be in a quick hurry or on tight time constraints since 90 minutes one way for a commute via my car that takes about 10 minutes isn’t the best case study in time effectiveness…another winter adventure for the books and with the cold temps and talk of more snow I have a feeling using the bus system to escape hillside snow captivity won’t be a one time thing.


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  1. 27 Dresses December 18, 2008 at 4:46 pm #

    Way to go with the blogging everyday. 🙂

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