The Keys Incident

18 Dec

I have had one hell of a day. I think I am at just about a total mental, physical and emotional breaking point – not just one my friends but all three.


  • I successfully drove my car down the much feared steep driveway – without chains mind you.
  • I then at the bottom of the hill facing another hill (less steep but a more gradual climb over a longer distance) I successfully put chains on my car. That’s right – my first chains experience!
  • I successfully removed aforementioned chains from my car pre highway on-ramp.
  • I made it into work and completed actual work items.
  • In my office white elephant gift exchange I walked away with a fake potted christmas tree with bottles of mini boozes as ornaments.
  • I had a fun afternoon of beers, pizza and lively bowling.
  • I ordered a pair of free shoes from KEEN.
  • I navigated driving both up and down both hills by my home without the use of chains in the evening.


  • I lost my house key and my access fob for my building.
  • I spent the better portion of my night driving back and forth across town in search of keys. You see I went home after work and fearing the ice storm that has so been made the hot topic of newscasts for weeks I quickly packed a bag to stay the night elsewhere than magical storm mountain. In the haste of packing my bag and getting down the steep hill while the temps dropped from 32 degrees I must have dropped my keys somewhere. Upon arriving at my destination I realized my keys were not in my cup holder or on the passenger seat, I then searched both my back pack and my tote bag. No keys. I then ripped my car apart and went back through both bags – again. No keys. One frantic call to a neighbor and a drive back to my place where I parked at the base of the second hill and ran in the snow up to my apartment only to run to the opposite end of my building, use the call box, run back to my apartment and guess what. No keys to be found. I then drove to my parent’s house and cried most of the way.
  • A heated text message argument – unrelated to the missing keys but probably fueled in frustration from the keys incident.
  • An in person argument – unrelated to the missing keys but probably fueled in frustration from the keys incident.

So this is my life. I can only hope in my rush to get out of my complex when I thought I dropped my keys into my tote bag I actually dropped them on the floor and some nice person picked them up and will be taking them to my complex office where they will notify me that my keys have been found and I won’t have to pay for a new set.

P.S. If you see a key with a panda topper and a grey fob on a ball chain key ring they are mine. Please return them to one grateful owner for a prize.

P.S.S. Please hope along with me no one is robbing my apartment right now.


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