Happy Official Holiday Break!

19 Dec

Update on some items many people might be wondering about:

  • My keys are still no where to be found. I think they might be frozen into the 4 inches of snow and ice in my complex parking lot.
  • I finally had the ice collision I knew had to be coming. While walking into work today on the barely there layer of snow and ice in the parking lot I fell down. Right onto my right knee – I didn’t break the skin but it hurts like a mother and I am pretty sure the bruising will be fantastic so as that develops I will keep you all updated. But it also didn’t rip into my jeans – BONUS.

This little gem did however make my day:


Santa Duck

Santa Duck

I received an email from the Oregon Duck for the University of Oregon Annual Giving Program and this was the header! How fantastic is that – plus, he signed the email “The Duck” with a yellow webfoot image. 

So even though I feel like my life is going to hell in a hand basket at least I can still smile seeing these images.


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